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Gulet Cruise customer support. Difference between good and bad support.

Lots of times it makes me crazy when clients do not listen to our advice. One of our main company advantages is Gulet Cruise Customer Support!

And I can tell it is depressing when clients contact us for gulet offers and we find for them a perfect gulet, for very good price, with superb itinerary, the crew that would fit them the most and with the food they will remember for life.

And then they book some other gulet with the shitty crew, poorly maintained and with a bad rap, just because it was 10% cheaper.

Yikes!!! In this post, I will explain how important is a good advice.


And I will start with a story! Several years ago I was buying me some clothes. I was searching for a couple of trousers, T-shirts, sweaters, and shoes. As most of the man, I am really not keen on shopping (to be honest I bloody hate it) – but I needed some news stuff and I went to action.

I had a couple of hundreds EUR in my pocket, I was 100% on the mission and ready to make some serious purchases! 

The best gulets have the best services


I came across the store, and I have seen a sign: HUGE SALE (everything 50% OFF) and it was a store that had some cool stuff to buy. I went to the store full of optimism and hope to spend all my money in this first store. 

I browsed the store and they had some good stuff…However I could not find any good sizes, and I was not quite sure if the clothes I am trying out actually fit me, or I look like a clown! So I decided to get me some help.I searched for somebody that could assist me and after lots of effort, I finally got some nice girl to help me out.

My first question: I am looking to buy some clothes, can you show me around what you have?

Her reply: Everything we have is on the display. Just look around.


My second question: I already looked around, however, I could not find any decent size and I would be helpful for some good advice. 

Her reply: If you could not find the size, there is probably none available. 


My third question (annoyed): Probably? Are you 100% sure or you can check it out a bit? 

Her reply: I am positive. 


My reply: Thank you very much and goodbye!

And I left with a pocket full of money and did not buy anything…because of a lazy salesperson that did not have any motivation to make the sale. The store when out of the business in a couple of weeks (even if they had some great stuff there at very affordable prices).



I came to the second store. My motivation was down and I was very grumpy from my last experience. And what happened there?

In the same second when I came to the store, some very nice (older lady – old school) told me that if I will need any help…she is there for me. No pressure. Nu hustle…just info…IF YOU NEED ME…I AM THERE FOR YOU!

I immediately told her what I need (gave her all my wishes)….and what she did:

1) first she checked me out with her eyes like a computer scanner from my head to my toes. (it felt a bit uncomfortable) 

2) then she asked me several questions (what is the occasion I am searching for), what is my approximate budget, do I fancy some special clothes, what do I like more (comfortable clothes or easy going sport – elegant clothes).

3) and then she just sent me to dressing cabin and told me to wait there.


I was a bit surprised and skeptical what will happen….but what followed was the most amazing shopping spree I ever made (and all I did was just wait in the cabin while she was bringing more and more clothes)! With every piece of clothes she told me:

– why she brought it

– why it fits me so well

– why I just have to have it


And I took it. When I was twice over my budget I told her to stop 🙂 And went out of the store the happiest customer EVER!! With empty pockets, but with great clothes.



Since the recession started, most of the clients are not asking for anything else than DISCOUNTS!

So it is really hard to give good advice to clients.

And the bad news is gulet cruise market more or less adapted to this mentality…so sales advisers are not any more sales advisers…but only discounts hunters. As this works out the best.

If you know you have a perfect gulet for some group…but on the other hand there is some other gulet which you know is not even close to quality, but is 20% cheaper….you are almost forced to go with that gulet…even if you know clients satisfaction will not be even close to gulet no.1!!


And here we come to the reason why I am so happy with OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

Fortunately, we are not desperate to book every client that is blackmailing only for discounts as we know this is only short term solution that eventually bites you in the ass!

What happens:

1) clients gives you hard time for huge discounts!

2) you give him a gulet that gives a huge discount.

3) the huge discount is usually there because of a reason (normally very negative one)

4) also huge discounts mean saving on services

5) and at the end, you have an unhappy client, who will spread the word we are a lousy company!


So it is better to send the HUGE DISCOUNTS SHOPPERS to our competition and kill two birds with one swing 🙂

Our competition will get a headache and we will get this customer back next year when they will be willing to pay “normal” amount of money 🙂


So why I am happy with our Gulet Cruise Customer support?

Here are a couple of reasons:

1) they know most of the gulets personally and they really know how to give good advice!

2) because of our company policy, we try to educate our clients and offer them best deals (this means best value for money, not the cheapest deals)

3) because I know it is much easier to get a booking by just offering lowest possible price…and I know how frustrating it is to lose clients for shitty deals some of the competition is offering….AND THE MAIN REASON WHY I AM PROUD ON THEM: they stick to it….They give their best to offer great advice…

We are similar to that “old school” sales person that sold me tons of clothes…and made me super happy at the end. We might sound hard nosed asking our clients all sorts of questions at the star….bit it is all for a good reason.

All you have to do when dealing with our customer support is just wait in the dressing cabin and wait for best possible stuff to come for you 🙂

If you are interested in our support and great advice, click here: GULET CRUISE INQUIRY!

If you wish to lear more about gulet cruises, check this link: Gulet cruises!

Mitja Mirtič

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