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Learn why it is important to read gulet cruise blog

If you are interested in gulets or you wish to rent a gulet it is a good idea to read gulet cruise blog. You will get lots of useful info.

Why it is smart for clients to read a gulet cruise blog?

Rent a gulet and read Gulet Cruise Blog

Gulet cruises are a unique way of travel. All sorts of interesting and special things apply to this type of holidays. 

Knowing what you will book, where you will cruise and what kind of crew you will have on board can be crucial in your overall holiday satisfaction. 

In you go to hotels, you always know what to look for:

    1. Category of hotel
    2. Size of rooms
    3. Distance from the beach
    4. Distance from town
    5. Some info about the food


Renting a gulet is much different as different things matter more.

But why it is so different?

The reason is simple. It is because there is no official categorization, so it is really hard to tell which gulet is 5 stars and which one is 3 stars.

Rooms are also not very important.

Beach is always zero meters from your accommodation

Every day you can be in different town, and there is no self-service when it comes to food.

And what are the most important things on a gulet cruise? It is not so easy to explain in 1 post. So if you are really commited to have best possible holidays it makes sense to read a GULET CRUISE BLOG.

What is Goolets blog all about?

Here is the list:

    1. Which things matter the most on a gulet!
    2. Best routes and itineraries suggestions!
    3. No BS gulet descriptions!
    4. Some scary and funny gulet cruise stories, just for fun!
    5. Everything about gulets you ever needed to know about.
If you are interested to know more about gulets or you might even be interested in a gulet cruise prices or any other details you can do the following:
Read our Gulet cruise blog. You will not be sorry 🙂

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