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Gulet Cruise Article – Why we are in this business?

Lots of times I ask myself why we are in this business. It is for sure not because of the money as there are several other much more profitable niches out there in comparison to gulets. This gulet cruise article will explain it all.

Welcome on our gulet

I will be honest. 

1) Agency Commissions are silly according to the scale of work we do!

2) Competition is strong!

3) The gulet cruise prices are high – which means people do their homework before making a booking.

4) There is an amazing range of work to be done (marketing, sales, commercial stuff, representatives, during the cruise support…)

5) There is no margin for error.


This is one side of the story.

Then, of course, there is also another side of the story.

1) You get to visit cool yacht shows

2) You get to meet lots of interesting people, agents, gulet owners.

3) After all we are selling a product that is super interesting.

4) We get special conditions when we go on a cruise with our family

5) We get to TEST different ships and see if they offer good services. 

6) We are not in the mass tourism section!

And one of the most important things – we get lots of similar emails (feedback”s) from our clients:

“Dear Andrej,

the gulet Hayalim D and it”s crew are amazing!

We hired a Turkish guide who has been on 60 different gulet trips to accompany us on this cruise. He says he has never seen a nicer boat or crew.

The yacht is lovely. The food delicious. The crew is friendly, professional and accommodating.

Thank you for booking us on a wonderful gulet at an amazingly affordable price. It is far beyond our expectations.

We will look forward to recommending Goolets and the Hayalim D to our friends and acquaintances.

Your website,,  is excellent, by the way. We could have booked the same yacht through several different agents but the Goolets site was much more informative and interesting. Your prompt response and amusing articles made us confident that we had chosen an excellent agent even before we met the boat and crew. And we were correct.

Thank you, very, very much,


Chef on a gulet

This may sound a bit cheesy – but it really feels amazing every time we get this kind of feedback.

And it pushes us to work even harder. 

To find even better deals and gulets.

To make our clients even happier.

Mitja Mirtič

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