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If you are searching for good gulet charters info over the internet – good luck!

The good useful info is super hard to find.

Everybody is writing about a breeze of wind going through your hair while enjoying superb nice lunch in the middle of turquoise sea surrounded only by seagulls and ……yes…not particularly helpful information….

Nobody is really giving away a good comprehensive easy to read info about gulet cruises

That is why I have decided to write it all under this 1 nice easy to read and fun article. If you are interested in gulet charter or in gulets in general, take 3 minutes of your time and read this. After this, you will know 95% of things that you need to know about gulets.

In this article, I will write about the questions, which clients are asking us the most. 

1) In which destinations you can rent a gulet?

2) How many cabins gulets have and other technical stuff? 

3) What are the gulet charter prices?

4) What kind of stuff can you do during a gulet cruise?

5) Is gulet cruise for you? (it is not for everybody that is for sure)

Okay, here we go.

This is a gulet type ship! 

Sailing gulet charter

You can make gulet charters in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Maldives, Spain, Seychelles (we mostly promote Turkey gulet charter, Croatia gulet Charter, and Greece Gulet Charter). 

 Some gulets can sail very well while most of the gulets travel mostly on the engine. They put the sails up once or twice a week mostly for pictures.

This is how a normal cabin looks like on a gulet! Cabins can also be smaller…and also of course much bigger. This mostly depends on how deep your pockets are.  Gulets mostly have around 4 – 8 cabins, but you can find gulets that have from 2 and up to 20 cabins. 

gulet charters info


This is how you eat on the gulet. This is actually one of the best things on gulets. You almost always eat outside. 


Group eating on gulet


Every gulet has a crew that will take care of your wishes. You will always have a captain that drives the gulet and makes sure you are always safe. A great captain will also show you superb bays and take you places beyond your imagination. You will also always have a chef on board that will prepare food for you. 

And then depends on the size and luxury of the gulet there will also be waiter, sailors, hostess, cleaning lady….


Crew of gulet



To make things super simple we put gulets in 3 categories:

STANDARD (air conditioned gulets) that cost under 1.000 €/person/week. This means if you are a group of 12 persons, that you will pay from 10.000 – 12.000 €/week in high season. If you would travel in the medium season (June, September) you will pay around 8.000 – 10.000 €/week.

If you would travel in low season (May – October) you will pay from 5.000 – 8.000 €/week. 

More people you have in your group cheaper is usually the price per person. 3 or 4 cabins gulets are normally more expensive (per person) than 8 or 10 cabins gulets. 

Some examples of standard gulets:





LUXURY (bigger, better, newer gulets) that cost from 1.000 – 1.500 €/person/week. For a group of 12 people in high season, the costs would be from 12.000 € and up to 18.000 €/week. In medium season the costs would be from around 10.000 – 14.000 €. In lower season the prices are even lower.

Some examples of Luxury gulets:





DELUXE GULETS (superb 5 or more stars gulets), that cost more than 1.500 €/person/week. For a group of 12 persons in high season, they cost from 18.000 €/week and up to 35.000 €/week or more. In medium season they have prices from 15.000 – 25.000 €/week while the lower season is quite flexible.

Some examples of DELUXE gulets:






Gulets are for people that like to swim, sunbathe, escape the mass tourism, see different place every day, eat outside and take it easy. They are for all the people that like to enjoy themselves. I even think an experienced gulet cruise travelers consider themselves to be a bit smarter and better than other people as this is such a cool way to spend you holidays. It is a good feeling when you know you are not like everybody else going to hotels and that you are super proud when you come home and show pictures. 


Gulets are not for control freaks, people that MUST HAVE huge rooms and beds, people that do not know how to take it easy and people that hate the sea, swimming and get crazy if they have to stay still for 3 hours, while gulet is cruising to a new destination. Also if you are IN LOVE in big time cruisers that can take up to 5.000 people…I am not sure gulets will be good for you. 


If you do not know what you can do on a gulet on a given day, check this photo gallery out. It will give you a very good idea. 



If you like what you have seen in this post then it is time to take action. The next step for you would be to determine your wishes!


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