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7 Reasons Why select Gulet boats over Big Cruise Liners

Gulet boats: Read why a much smaller boat can give the best of big cruise liner experience plus the additional bonuses of gulets.


All things that exist have positive as well as negative sides attached to it. Cruising on a big liner can be exciting, even fun. It is also true not a single thing in this world can fit everyone.


Some like to cruise in comfort, yet want to avoid the crowds, others like to see as much as possible in one week, but want to do so on a more flexible schedule.


Some people don’t seem to know or be even aware of optimal alternatives out there. This article was written to present you with one that might present one.


Let’s begin with 7 most obvious advantages of gulet cruise when compared to big cruise liners:


1. Privacy
Fewer people on board. There is a huge difference between 3000 or 12 people on board. An added plus is that a low number of people on a gulet means you and several others can rent a whole package. This way you get cruise liner experience, yet you don’t have to spend an entire week with several thousand people.


Renting a gulet gives you a great opportunity to relax in the company of your friends or/and family only!


2. Authentic experience
Getting in touch with the local people and their culture is an important part of the gulet experience. Local captain and the crew make sure you get an authentic look at the area you’re exploring. They will show you what to explore and where to find hidden places. You get to see what no other tourist can.


Guelt Charter Turkey


3. Shorter routes
You get a chance to know everything more in-depth. Cruising on a gulet means shorter routes and thus gives you plenty of opportunities to explore everything at your own pace. You have all the time in the world to become acquainted with the country you’re cruising in.


4. Individualized programs
You have the influence to create a program that is more tailored to your needs. Gulets are smaller, have much fewer people on board and are therefore flexible in terms of changing itineraries, time tables and so forth. Cruise is better if you’re allowed to give it your personal touch!


Welcome Crew


5. Getaway from the masses
You don’t have to wait in line to go off the ship and you certainly don’t have to rumble with dozens of people to eat your meal. If you’re into less crowded beaches or bays that give you privacy, then gulets are suited for you. Gulet is a dexterous boat, so it can easily access places that other vessels can’t.


Croatia cruises


6. Food
Local, fresher food, prepared for a smaller number of people. There is a big difference when cooking for thousands of people or preparing food for small closed groups. Cooking lesser quantity results in a greater quality of meals. Food on a gulet doesn’t need synthetic additives to make it more appealing.


Food in gulets


7. Flexibility
More time for sightseeing and fewer time restraints. You don’t have to limit yourself when exploring beautiful surroundings and places you visit. You can spend more time sightseeing medieval towns, marvelous churches, narrow streets and get to know the local vibe. Time is probably the biggest advantage and gulet cruise gives you plenty of that.


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