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Gulet Boats Crew. How important it is. Things they can do for you.

People underestimate the importance of the crew on gulet type ships. In our company, we always stress out the importance of great crew but people lots of times do not believe us – until they see it on their own.

You can have 2 very similar gulets. One will be chartering for the price of 14.000 €/week and will be completely sold out with super happy clients.

Another will have the price of 8.000 €/week and hard time with bookings.

And even the clients that booked that gulet would come home unhappy. Why? Only because of 1 single reason…And this is crew!

Sailing on gulet


I will explain this with a scary example that became a success story.  And this story was true (as it was from one of our groups).

When the trip of the clients was over, we sent them e-mail for a feedback.

This was the testimonial of clients we received. 

“Hi Guys,

we had a wonderful trip. The captain was incredible, always with his shirt off and cracking jokes. He took us to the most amazing places and even gave us singing performances.

The only problem was the smell on the gulet. It was awful.  Entire gulet smelled like shit and we had to sleep on deck entire week. 


We would like to go ahead and book a week in next year on the same gulet. We only wish to have reassurance the smell will be gone until next year.”

So can you imagine my reaction! I called the owner immediately and asked him about the smell! He told me it is true. That 2 days before this clients arrived on the gulet that his black tank broke and the smell broke out…and that it was quite awful. He explained everything to the guests when they arrive on the gulet. Gave them free JET SKI to use, he gave them lots of drinks for free and they made very good parties any everything on gulet…and that clients loved it.

He also promised the smell would go away for next year and the clients were happy to confirm 🙂

So this is the perfect example what the crew can do for you.

If the gulet is a mess and smells like shit, but the crew is amazing…you can still have an amazing time. If the gulet is superb but the crew is crazy…you can have very poor experience. 


Gulet Boat crew


Gulet Boats Crew is the no.1 most important thing on your cruise.

A good captain will be able to advise you on your route and take you to places you can not even imagine.

A good chef will not only cook your food but will prepare it in a way you will only look in amazement. 

A good waiter will know his ways. Will be able to advise you on wine and will serve you fast and efficiently. 

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Mitja Mirtič 

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