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It is possible I am not 100% objective when I am describing gulet Arabella because my son celebrated his first birthday on this gulet…but when I think about all the cool features of this gulet…well it is just amazing.

Arabella sailing


Gulet Arabella is 30 meters 4 cabins gulet. Gulet has 1 master cabins, 1 VIP cabin (almost the same as the master cabin) and 2 little bit smaller guests cabins. This kind of cabins makes this gulet a perfect family vessel. 2 families with children fit perfectly on gulet Arabella.

But there is more when it comes to cabins on this gulet. I have seen several master cabins which are much bigger than the one on gulet Arabella, but I have to think really hard if any gulet has such a crazy things inside.

Let me explain. 

First of all, the cabin has all the normal stuff such as plasma TV, very comfortable bed, spacious closets, nice windows….But there are 2 things which are truly amazing.

Over the bed, there is some sort of wooden piece, which I was not sure what it is. But the magic happens when there is night and you have complete darkness in the cabin.

Then you TURN ON the animation and when you lay in bed and look up, it seems like you are sleeping under the stars. This is an animation of the night sky…How cool is that!!!!


Master Cabin


The second fun stuff in the master cabin is the bathroom. The design in the bathroom is amazing but this is the first gulet that put Jacuzzi inside, and plasma TV in the bathroom!!! So you can enjoy a nice Jacuzzi and enjoy your favorite movie at the same time 🙂


Bath on gulet


We already had lots of groups on this gulet and they were all very happy. The crew is always doing their best to satisfy every client wish and even this is not a 45 meters vessel which is now popular she has all the needed stuff to go into “Best in the World” category.

Gulet Arabella can be chartered from Gocek, which is the main base for ULTRA LUX gulets. 

If you are interested to book this gulet, you can send us a request via e-mail. 

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Mitja Mirtič


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