Gulet Anna Marija

Gulet Anna Marija

This blog post is about 2 things. No.1 why Gulet Anna Marija is a great gulet charter option. And no.2 what a change of ownership can mean on a gulet. This blog post is also a proof of what I am saying in lots and lots of blog posts. Crew and gulet ownership is much more important than gulet itself.


I will start with point no.2.

Gulet Anna Marija was bought by two very nice people Mrs. Ivana and Mr. Ante (also the owners of gulet Andi). Ante is in gulet cruise business for more than 10 years (and even before that he had tons of experience with ships). Ivana was (before she became a gulet owner) a sales expert and a booking superstar. Several years ago they joined forces and made gulet Andi 100% success story making it one of the best-booked gulets in entire Croatia.  


Gulet Andi is a standard 6 cabins air conditioned gulet (nothing fancy) – however with the great crew mixed with incredible hospitality and great services on board, clients are coming back every year – happy. And this is a perfect example of how good ownership can make even a simple standard gulet SUPERB GULET CRUISE OPTION. 


Ivana and Ante


Gulet Anna Marija is a luxury 6 cabins gulet. First thing when the ownership changed the gulet went in total renovation procedure. So gulet got a better look. But this is maybe even the less important part. Secondly, the crew as changed. Thirdly the new owners applied the hospitality and the standard of services from the former experience they have from gulet Andi, upgraded it to DELUXE category and put it on Anna Marija.


 Anna Marija



And last but not least….the owners are determined to make Gulet Anna Marija as one of the gulets, where clients will be coming back happy….as they are on Andi.

And you can see it very fast, how the owners are thinking. Do they have greedy little eyes and just counting the $$$$$$$ from every charter. Or do they truly believe in making the clients happy? Investing more than they should in the gulet and playing a LONG TERM GAME, which actually brings you much more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The owners with most money and most successes in Croatia are the owners who do not even care about the money so much.


And I can say I have seen and noticed the passion for gulets, gulet business and making clients happy from Ante and Ivana. 


Gulet Anna Marija  

Now to say why gulet Anna Marija is such a cool charter option. No need for novels here. 

1) Gulet has 6 very spacious cabins and is in great shape.

2) Gulet has very good value for money when you compare the size of the gulet, quality of services and the price the gulet has.

3) Owners are 100% determined to make your holidays – THE BEST EVER!

And this is more or less all. And it is more than enough, to be honest.

Anna Marija


If you are interested to see the technical part, prices and all the info you need about Gulet Anna Marija, check this link: Gulet Anna Marija!


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