Gulet Angelica

Is Gulet Angelica for you? Learn From This Interview With the Owner.

Gulet Angelica is very interesting gulet, with a very nice story. When you check the pictures of the gulet in connection with the price and then you also see the gulet was built in 1990, you are not sure if the price really is realistic. At least that was my position…Until I visited the gulet personally!

Then immediately all my doubts were over. Gulet looks like it was built in 2009, everything is fresh, new and incredibly maintained. The crew is super professional, kind and uninformed and the gulet is truly a DELUXE gulet!

In this blog post, I wish to present gulet Angelica beyond the boring technical stuff and standard pictures of cabins. So read the interview with the owner, as it will give you a good idea of how he thinks.

1)Can you describe what are the best things about your gulet?

The best thing about our gulet Angelica is the boat atmosphere. She is warm and pleasant to be on, elegant, nice looking, comfortable and respectable sailor.


2) Why and how did you start gulet cruise business?

I and my brother wanted to have a traditional wooden boat from our childhood. Strong seaman tradition in the family and village on island Korcula from where we are, made us who we are now – Proud owners of »Gulet Angelica«. Two of us never have a sister, and I remember how I promised to ex Owner of »Angelica« when he asks us to take good care of the boat – I said to him – Don”t worry, we will treat her with care and love same as our younger sister we never had…


Gulet Angelica renovation

3) What did you learn is the most important thing for clients while on the cruise? What do you have to do to get 100% satisfaction from clients?

Most important thing to get 100% satisfaction from clients is the Captain and the crew. On the second place is the boat. Experienced Captain with a strong personality which is in the control of the situation on board and on the sea, is making guest confident so they can fully relax and concentrate on vacation part.


Gulet Angelica Captain


4)Does your gulet have something, which other gulets normally do not have? Do you have some special thing where you are different from the others?

Our gulet has chef Zeljko. Chef with more than 30 years experience as head chef and owner of restaurants in Germany. With the selection of meals Zeljko prepares on board Angelica, you will get a true feel of the taste of Dalmatia.


food during the cruise


5) For what kind of groups your gulet is most suitable and why?

There is no limits in kind of groups our gulet is suitable for. We are like chameleons able to adapt to all environments.


6) What are your plans for the future?

 Our plan for the future is to take a strong position on top of other gulets in Croatia. We are planning to achieve this by our Family sources keeping all this as Family business


family cruise

7) Which info do you believe is super important for clients, and agencies forget to tell it?

They always forget to tell the guests to try to feel the boat they choose for vacation as their own home…
This is the formula for successful vacation on the gulet.


8) Which itinerary do you believe is THE MOST BEAUTIFULL ONE, where clients see the best what Croatia has to offer? For the clients that have never been to Croatia before.

It is hard to recommend any routes because of different expectations. If I have to choose, it will be Dalmatian National Parks route – Sibenik – Skradin (Krka Falls) – Kornati (National park) – Vis (Bisevo – Blue Cave) – Lastovo (Park of Nature) – Mljet (National Park) – Elafiti (Archipelago of islands) – Dubrovnik. Best of nature in Dalmatia


Croatian flag

 For additional info about this vessel please check this link: GULET ANGELICA!

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