It’s not about the money – it’s enjoying what you’re doing

Dinko is one of the first people to buy a gulet from Turkey and also to start a gulet business in Croatia, paving the way for luxury seaside holidays followed by many ship-owners who have written successful stories from the back of the rise in tourism on the Croatian coast.

Dinko has been successfully operating gulet Andi Star with its family since 2001, with the beginning of his gulet business as a result of his love for yachts and the sea. With great pride, he takes this opportunity to invite you, as an experienced sailor or as a complete beginner, to join him on a gulet holiday.

His friendly crew will give you all the help you need but will also give you the space to enjoy cruising from town to town, and between different bays all along the Croatian coastline. Croatia is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit, with myriad unspoiled islands to explore and who want to experience the county with the wind in their hair and a smile on their face!

Dinko is highly experienced skipper, a professional engineer who can fluently communicate with his guests in both English and Italian. He has gained more than 50 years of experience in this business and still loves to learn new things. During this time, he realized that enjoying what he does is important and that stress is not healthy when he has a week off during the season to kick back and relax a little.

Dinko i Vesna Biocic

Pedantically Doing His Job

There is an interesting story about this. We visited Dinko unannounced one Saturday afternoon when the group landed. Twenty minutes after leaving the group, we boarded the gulet. Dinko was a little uncomfortable because he said the ship hadn’t yet been cleaned after a cruise. However, when we looked at the boat, we were completely surprised as it looked spotless! Dinko explained that cleaners were on the way to attend to the gulet since the new group for the weekly cruise would embark the same day.

Feeling like he needed to apologize, Dinko invited us to his home on the island Čiovo. As soon as we stepped into the house, we found out why the gulet was so orderly and clean: the same care and cleanliness we saw on the boat showed in his home!