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People do not realize the importance of the gulet owner. If the owner is sloppy and dirty you can not expect the gulet to be any different.

It is said that dogs and their owners after a couple of years become truly similar.

I would say when it comes to the gulet it is the same. Show me the owner and I will tell you very fast in what kind of condition his gulet is.

Why am I explaining this in the blog post about Gulet Anđeo? Because the gulet is very similar to the owner.

Very well kept, clean, superbly maintained, fresh and friendly. 

If you know the owner of this gulet you do not even have to see the gulet – you will have a good feeling immediately.

This was the short presentation from our part.

Gulet Andeo

(Nikša is the one on the Right in white shirt) 

He will finish the job by himself in this short interview.

Read and we hope it will help you in your decision.


Enter Nikša and gulet Anđeo

1. Can you describe what the best things are about your gulet?

My gulet Angel is family owned gulet and all details on the boat are hand made by myself with the assistance of my father and brother. All our efforts are concentrated on extra clean boat with high gloss paint. When the guests arrive on the boat we will do our best to make their holidays an unforgettable experience.


2. Why and how did you start gulet cruise business?

My family is in boating business since 1935. Before 1987 we had the boat only for day trips, however, from 1987 we have the boat with rooms for seven-day cruises. After we saw new trends in cruising business we decided in 2005 to buy a gulet, although it was unfinished and almost new boat it was a great opportunity for me to renovated and made according to my ideas.


Gulet anđeo


3. What did you learn is the most important thing for clients while on the cruise? What do you have to do to get 100% satisfaction from clients?

Clients on my boat are involved in all decision making while on board. Nothing is a problem for us and we will do everything to satisfy their needs. The only decision where I have the last word is in a case of bad weather. Safety of people on board and boat itself is the most important.


4. Do your gulet have something, which other gulets normally do not have? Do you have some special thing where you are different from the others?

All boats are basically the same, however, everything is different. Lets put an example here. You can have similar tenders, one costs 10.000 EUR and the other one 40.000 EUR and in the offer and on pictures everything looks the same. That”s way is very important feedback of customers that were on the boat.


5. For what kind of groups your gulet are most suitable and why?

My boat has only 5 cabins and is very suitable for smaller groups like families or small groups of friends.


6. What are your plans for the future?

To keep my boat in top conditions and to keep my brand. I have lots of repeat customers and I want to continue like this


7. Which info do you believe is super important for clients, and agencies forget to tell it?

We are very flexible crew and I know that different guests have different needs and we will do everything to fulfill their needs


8. Which itinerary do you believe is THE MOST BEAUTIFULL ONE, where clients see the best what Croatia has to offer? For the clients that have never been to Croatia before, what would you recommend!

The most beautiful par of Adriatic according to all my guests and by me is south part of Adriatic. That means the relation between Split and Dubrovnik. Here we have a good combination of abandon bays, historic towns, national parks. North part, the middle part is also nice; however, this south part would be the best choice for guests especially if they come for the first time.


Croatia is an amazing country. If this type of holidays are for you and if your budget range allows you to rent a gulet Anđeo then you will not go wrong with this vessel. Gulet charter in Croatia is a special way to spend your holidays and there are not lots of Deluxe gulets to choose from and this gulet always gets booked fast.

If you are interested in a quote for this gulet, if you would like to get a good advice or any other info, all you have to do is send us an inquiry and we will get back to you ASAP.

 Mitja Mirtič

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