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Goolets Croatia Team Building – 10 Lessons Every Person Renting a gulet in Croatia should be aware off.

One of the things we LOVE to do in Goolets company is cruise inspections and team buildings. They can be lots of fun, we see (first hand) all the pros and cons of each gulet we work with and we always bond as a team very well. 

Here are 10 lessons we learned on Goolets Croatia Team Building 2014.

Gulet Blue cruise “direct testimonial” from our company!

Lesson no.1 – Gulet does not have to be a luxury to have FUN on it!

Our first Croatia Gulet we visited was Gulet Dolin.

It was just incredible to be there again, meet our great friend Capt. Ivica (John) and have the great cruise around Kornati Islands.

Here is our team on the cruise on Gulet Dolin.

Croatia Gulet: Dolin

We also made this amazing video of gulet Dolin


Lesson no.2 – You can still swim at the end of September in Croatia. 

Okay, I knew that before, but some of the team members that joined us for the first time did not believe us.

It is possible and we did it…

Here is the proof 🙂

swimming in Zadar


Lesson no.3 – Some gulets LEFT US IN POSITIVE SHOCK!

What do you think of this gulet?

Gulet boat  Gulet saloon

It is a very nice Standard gulet from Turkey.

And what do you think of this gulet?

Goolets on Melana Gulet bar


Would you guess it is the same ship?

I couldn’t believe it also 🙂

The crew, the food, the owner’s mentality, the cabins the gulet – they all left us in awe and we can’t wait to promote this gulet even more for next seasons to come.

Lesson no.4 – Team Buildings are great for business!

Goolets team on gulet

Imagine this scenery for a second:

– it is 02.00 AM

– Different drinks on the table and great music playing

– 4 people from marketing team still up late discussing gulets….

– …wondering how this amazing way of traveling is not more famous in the World.

Full of great impressions several great ideas came to us and we are truly looking forward to next seasons to come.

Goolets team in Dubrovnik

We will for sure make Team Buildings regular practice in our company…

Lesson no.5 – Some gulets did not meet our expectations.

It was great to have some new people with us this year as they experienced the differences between some gulets.

You have low budget gulet with incredible food, crew, and atmosphere…

And then you arrive on LUXURY GULET where:

– toilets do not work as they should

– the crew is very average and they do not really feel like working

– the food is okay, but nothing special – and served cold

– the trip you make is also very average

The work travel agencies do can sometimes really be hard. We inspected the same vessel 6 months ago and everything was perfect.

But then during the season because of some very strange coincidence the crew changes, some things broke and were not fixed and you have a bad situation on board of the gulet.


That is why this kind of inspections are so important – we always do our best to see what is going on ON BOARD OUR GULETS.

Lesson no.6 – Dubrovnik is still one of the most amazing places in the World!

10 years ago when I visited this town I really was not sure what all the fuzz was about.

Until I was there 🙂 

The place is amazing and it is always great to come back and visit again.

We also did a small movie in front of the famous city walls.


Lesson no.7 – Not everybody in the World likes to fish!

If there is something in Croatia that is TOP-NOTCH it is their fish.

They just taste so incredibly well!!!

Dinner on gulet  Lunch on gulet

But due to my amazement, some people opted out of fish and decided to go with pasta instead!!! (and they were adults and not 5 years old kids…)

Till now I was sure everybody LOVES FISH 🙂

Lesson no.8 – We learned again how much we like our job and how amazing gulet cruises are.

I can honestly say gulets are the most amazing way how to spend your holidays.

We do lots of “inspections” and “testings” and always I feel we should do even more.

Not because we do not trust the owners – but because we LOVE THIS SO MUCH 🙂

Goolets Croatia

Lesson no.9 –  The Crew makes your cruise!

I wrote about this many times before…and always when I see this on my own example (while I am on a cruise) I see it is even more important.

Forget the size of the cabin!

But be very very very careful when booking your cruise….about who will be your crew. This is the single most important thing when renting your gulet.

Goolets Croatia


Read this “funny – scary” story about crew:

Lesson no.10 – We will be back soon.


We can’t wait to inspect more gulets, try out more fish, see how the crew is doing and if the gulets are in good shape.

It is a hard job – but somebody has to do it.


If you think these inspections are all bread and butter – think again.

When you ask a crew member if they clean the cabins every day and he responds with “Why should we do that” – then you know you have a problem.

And the energy we use in our company to try to make some things right on some vessels – is enormous.

This is still tourism and sometimes a bad day of your captain (who is just going through a hard divorce with his wife) can be a problematic experience for a client who just sees a captain in a bad mood.

So these inspections truly are important from all points.

We bond as a team.

We get great marketing ideas.

We inspect the vessels.

We help the sales to sell the gulets easier.

We improve our relationships with the gulet owners.

We find solutions which make our clients even happier at the end.

For a good advice, we will be glad to assist you.

Mitja Mirtič

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