From opening a one-man-band business without any funding, experience or connections, to becoming an organisation providing one of the largest luxury events for Croatian yacht owners. The first 15 years was a thrilling ride and we are super excited about what the next 15 years will bring. We looked back at some of the most interesting events since the company started. This is an “appreciation post” as we have a lot of things to be grateful about!


The most successful year for Goolets ended with a big bang. To show appreciation to our best partners in Croatia (where we make the most charters), we invited all gulet owners (and some yacht owners) to Bled Castle, where we spent a night to remember. It is hard to describe in words, but the entire evening was the perfect time to reflect and be grateful for everything Goolets and our partners have achieved so far.


After 15 years in the gulet business, we can proudly and confidently say we are the number one gulet experts (as seen on our logo). We know every gulet, crew, and what kind of services they offer. We really do know the entire industry inside-out!

However, after a lot of thought, we decided we needed to set our bar higher. We wanted to make something truly meaningful, and so we asked ourselves what we are most passionate about. The answer was clear.

Our team goes above and beyond in providing customer service and satisfaction, and we really go all-in when it comes to giving good advice and matching the best gulets, routes and activities with the right group structure.

With this and our effort we put into our clients’ travel and holiday preparations, we decided we want to increase this support ten times over. So our plan for the future is:

“Becoming the number one yachting company in the world when it comes to sales and customer support.”

We want to be realistic – we know it will not be possible to compete with yachting behemoths in terms of our company or in how much revenue we might make, but we do know we can be better in customer support. And this is what we will be aiming to achieve in the next 5 years.