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Goolets and Dating

Goolets is like “dating company” for interested clients & gulet owners. Here is how it works.


Dating is simple.

All you have to do is:

a)      Find another person that YOU THINK is good looking.

b)      Check if you share the same interests.

c)      Pray if they will also like you and show up for the date.

Goolets is similar.

We help find the “good looking” gulets that share the same interests as the clients and match them together.  

Maybe you will find the comparison to dating a bit strange, but it is interesting how similar they are.

Let’s explain more into details!


Gulet cruising in Croatia

They say beauty is in the eye of a beholder. And this is so true! Some man like a blonde woman, some woman like a man with big muscles.

It is the same with gulets. Some people like old school traditional ships. Some prefer modern “Italian design” vessels. Some prefer bigger, others prefer something else.

The most important part is to determine what you like and find the best match. But the thing is “the good looks factor” is only around 20% of the process. 


Inside Looks into Gulet Cruises

If a woman is on a date with the most beautiful man in the World but they have nothing in common. It will be a disaster!

It is the same with gulets. If you book super beautiful gulet but the owner has a completely different idea what kind of services he will provide you with…it will be terrible.

Imagine a young party group on a beautiful gulet where the crew is older, easy going, super professional, but needs good night sleep.

Not good for the crew. Not good for the group.

This is 40% of the process. 



After you get the date that seems to be perfect – is your work done?

Not really. What if the date does not show up?

What if he is different IN LIVE FORM (IN PERSON) as it showed on a picture?

What do you do then?

I am sure you would get that “dating company” on phone and give them some “nice” feedback and demanded a different date immediately.

And a good dating company would have no problem with this. This is the final 40% of the process. 

To sum up it, here is what we do for you:

1)      Check and inspect gulets and determine what their strong and weak points are.

2)      Help to determine your wishes, needs, and expectations.

3)      Find the best match for you.

4)      Make it super safe and risk-free.

While other “dating services “will ask you if you like a blonde woman or dark man, we will ask you if you like swimming, long walks, dogs and pasta!

And then we will go into physical details of course. 

If you would like to check how we do it click on the button below and enjoy the ride.

Mitja Mirtič

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