Goolets representative in Croatia

Goolets Concierge Manager Croatia

In this post, we would like to present to you the person, responsible for your happiness during your Cruise to Croatia.

It feels much nicer to arrive at a destination and see a familiar face there. If you are a Croatia charter coming up soon – read this post. It was done for you.

Say hello to Mr. Tomislav Carev, who is a “go-to” person for all Croatia – ON SPOT needs you will have there.

(Tomislav – white shirt and blue shorts- inspecting gulets with Goolets)
Inspecting Gulets with Goolets


Tomislav is with our company for a couple of years now and he is a great combination of a very serious professional who got this master’s degree in Sweden with a nice friendly Dalmatian character.

When working with him, you have the instant feeling he knows exactly what he is is doing.


(brainstorming about Goolets clients with Tomislav on Andi Star)

Brainstorming on Andi Star

Tomislav can help you with these matters:

a) Making sure your transfers from gulet to airport and back are on time and done in a way they have to be.

b) Making all the client’s wishes come true. If you need any extra assistance during the cruise, all you need to do is pick up the phone and consider it done.

c) Solving any problems that might occur during your cruise.

d) Checking how happy you were at the end of the cruise.

e) Inspecting gulets before the client’s arrival and making sure everything is in its place.

f) Making sure the check-in procedure goes by as smooth and fast and comfortable as possible.

g) “Giving away” Goolets clients to the crew on a gulet,  the way a proud father gives away his daughter. Nicely, proudly and in a way that the groom knows exactly that if he makes a mistake and breaks his daughter’s heart – that it will be the last heart he ever broke :-).

 (dealing with Goolets requests during an inspection trip)

Working on Deluxe requests


Tomislav was born (and still lives there) in Trogir, so the sea and tourism are in his blood.

When he saw the Goolets list of things he needs to manage as Goolets Concierge he was not scared.

He said that is exactly what he has done before and he proved in the past he can back up his words.


 (Tomislav inspecting food on gulet Black Pearl)

Food Inspections on Black Pearl

Tomislav Carev is the person you call for any time of assistance in Croatia and he is a big part of our main mission:

“Making sure our clients have the best holidays of their life, while on a Goolets cruise”.

 If you will have any needs, questions, wishes, problems. If you will be bored, hungry, or thirsty. If you will have an “itch”…

Tomislav is there to help you out.



“See you onboard “- Tomislav

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