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Gocek Gulet Cruise. A place to see!

In this blog post, we will write more about Gocek Gulet Cruise. In the matter of fact, we will write more about Gocek Town in general and why I think it is a fun place to visit.

Gocek town is more of a town build on the marina. It looks a bit “artificial” but I have to say I liked it. The place where the gulet was parked was easy going and not with lots of noise.

The marina is very interesting with all the MEGA YACHTS staying there. A short walk around marina will show you that Gocek is a bit of a fancy place and it is not really for backpackers.

Gocek Turkey


(We did not really have the best weather there but it was still very nice place to check)

Gocek is packed with interesting shops and nice restaurants. And the best part about it was that there was no hustling going on (which I hate).

You go to the store. If you like something you buy. If you do not like anything, they leave you alone.

And that was one of the reasons why I LOVED Gocek so much also.


Gocek town


Gocek can also be a starting destination for a gulet cruise. Lots of gulets have a starting point from there and this is a good idea, to be honest.

If you hate crowds and busy places than Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris may annoy you.

Gocek is much more laid back.

This is Gocek center!

Gocek town

Right next to the marina, they also built a very interesting village.

Check this out:

Gocek Villas

Should you check Gocek? Is it worth to check it out?

I would say yes. It is a very fun place to visit.

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