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What are main Turkey Charter Highlights?

When going on a Turkey Charter cruise you have lots of stuff to see. Lets name a couple of them:

1) The marketing name Turks use is Turquoise Turkey – this says it all about their sea!


Oludeniz Fethiye


2) Incredible bays where gulets can spend the nights on anchor.
3) Famous Turkish hospitality.
4) Sleeping under the stars – on deck.

5) Incredibly rich history.So to translate these highlights into what you will actually experience in Turkey. During the day you will visit nice remote bays, where captain will anchor in super nice turquoise waters, where you can jump to directly from the ship. During the day you will enjoy famous Turkish cuisine, which is one of the TOP 5 most famous World cuisines.If you wish a nice trip on land can be organize, where the possibilities are almost unlimited. You can either visit one of genuine Turkish villages, check some of the many famous archaeological sites or go to on of the nice towns as Gocek, Fethiye, Marmaris or Bodrum. 

In the evening weather will allow you to sleep outside on deck under the stars, which is truly amazing experience.

Other Turkish Highlights are better explained by Lonely Planet guides.


You can check all of the info about Weather, Currency, Tips and other info and a lot of other useful info on this link: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/turkey 


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