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Will I get bored during the gulet cruise?

If you get bored during the gulet cruise it is actually your fault. There are more than 500 gulets in the market, you can choose from more than 50 different itineraries and over 30 possible activities…So if you will get bored during the cruise it can happen only because of 2 reasons. Either because of bad planning or gulet cruises are just not the right fit for you.


Gulet cruise experience


This gives you the possibility of almost unlimited options of where to go and what to do there. All you have to do is to plan well in advance. If you wish to party all the time, it can be organized. If you wish to have guided tours of cities all the time – no problem.

Pustinja Blaca stone desert hermitage on Brac island Dalmatia Croatia 

If you wish to swim and sunbathe all the time….it is easy.


Sunbath and swim


Not to mention diving, water sports, hiking, island hopping and much more.




The possibilities what to do during the gulet cruise are truly unlimited.


We have prepared a unique brochure that can show you exactly the most fun things you can do during the cruise, according to what kind of group you are.

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