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How can you pay for your gulet cruise?

Gulet cruise payments are separated into 2 segments. Deposit payment and final payment.

Deposit: The required deposits can vary for each destination (and even from gulet to gulet). On average the deposit payments for early booking reservations are from 30% and up to 50% of the charter price. You can get additional discounts if you can pay entire amount already early. For bookings which have departures less than 2 months prior to departure date, the deposit payment has to be paid in the total amount. 
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Final Payments

Full payment for most of the travel arrangements is due latest 4 weeks prior to your departure date, sometimes sooner depending on the gulet cruise or package that you have booked.

On occasions, cruise owners will give notice that they intend to offer a particular special deal and then it is quite normal that this notice is only a matter of days and could be months prior to departure dates. When this happens (for special deals) the payment in full amount is necessary.


Special deal 


It also can happen that some final payments are paid also on spot during the check in process in cash. However, you will be notified about that in advance while making a reservation.


Credit Card Payment or money wire via bank account.


Credit cards


Payments can be done via money transfer or you can also pay with Your Credit Card online.

We reserve the right to charge administration/service fees for balance payments made by credit card.

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