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Can you choose your own gulet cruise route?

The best thing about gulets is that everything is flexible. And so are the itineraries. You can choose between well over 50 different routes in Turkey, Croatia, and Greece, however, if you have something specific in your mind it can of course always be organized, if weather permits it. We can help you plan your own gulet cruise route also.


Tajna Mora Gulet

Our biggest suggestion would be like this:
1) tell us what you prefer to see during your cruise (stay on anchor, see different town every day…)
2) what you would like to do (water sports, sightseeing, eating ashore, hiking, biking…..)

According to that, we will then give you several suggestions, which will give you a clear idea for around 70% of your gulet charter….Leave the other 30% to the captain. Just tell him you would like to see the most amazing “special hidden places” which are not well known to most famous guides – and enjoy the ride.




Gulet charter is also a bit of an adventure and planning everything 100% in advance usually means you will miss out on some very good things, which only the locals know about….




We can also help you plan your own cruise. Just fill out the form on this button below and enjoy the ride.

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