Croatia is an adventure-land and true coastal paradise where you and your family can enjoy active holidays. During your holidays all your preferred activities will be tailor-made and filled with adventure. You will be able to enjoy fun and action-packed holidays in beautiful surroundings, which Croatia has to offer. All activities such as canyoning, rafting, and ziplining, can be part of your daily fun.


Can seniors enjoy active holidays?

Active seniors can also enjoy active holidays, take part in kayaking or swimming as anyone else. These multi-activity holidays can be adapted to all generations as long as you have a good level of fitness and sense for adventure.

What about children?

Well, this is Croatia and gulet cruises are safe for too. However, all children, especially young ones should be monitored by their parents. If you want to relax some more there is also an option of renting a babysitter on board that will help you out with the kids. Some watersports tend to be for older children,(+8 years old), but there are also some things for the youngest ones to have fun and explore. Teenagers can enjoy and see activities as much as adults, but with the permission of their parents and some guidance.