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The Truth About Food & Eating on Gulet Cruises

When you charter a gulet, you also get a chef that cooks your food. And while most of the chefs on gulets are artists that can do wonders, lots of the times they are not provided with the good enough tools to do so.

And this is a big shame as meals on gulets can be done in a way, you will never forget it.

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7 Gulet Cruise Truths you need to know about food


1 – Is gulet owner or an agent organizing your food “a foodie”?

Food on a gulet is either organized by its owner (in Croatia) or by an agency that sold you the cruise. In both cases, it is incredibly important that the person behind it is a so called “foodie”. If he loves to “dine and wine” then he will make sure you also get to share this experience with him.

HOW TO TEST THIS: do not just ask for a “classic menu example” which can be really generic. Ask specific questions about food. If you do not get back “strong passionate answers” that show you food is also super important to the other side, change either the gulet, or the agency you are dealing with.

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2 – How is the food being organized – Where do they buy?

Does the fish come from the local fish man or from the supermarkets?

Does the meat come from a local amazing butcher or it is ordered? Is cheese local?

It is easy to make an agreement with a distributor and just send a fax for the food list – and they deliver it to the boat like a post office cargo.

But the real professionals do not do it like this. The new important word in this moment is “local”.

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3 – Frozen Pizza and Knorr Pesto Sauce from Jar on Spaghetti?

Clients are paying good money for an excellent holiday, and they should not be having Knorr pesto sauce from a jar on spaghetti and frozen pizza for the kids, or just Yoplait strawberry yogurt and Nutella for breakfast.

A variety of food and how free everything is incredibly important also.

Options matter with food


4 – What about Soft Drinks? Are they included in the price?

On a gulet, you can either buy drinks from ships bar, you can make your own shopping or have a “soft drinks package” included in the price.

Keep in mind that when soft drinks are included, some gulets that wish to save money gulets just buy 2.5-liter bottles of coke/fanta and pour it into a glass all day long (and the bubbles die with each passing hour).

It is much cheaper for the boat, but not the same experience as opening your own, cold can of Cola during the day.

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5 – Different Prices of Food. Be Careful what you decide.

The cost of food (especially meat and fish) in Turkey (as well as in Croatia) has sky-rocketed in the past 18 months. You can easily check these prices online, with many items being more and more expensive on a daily basis.

It is hard to save money on fuel, but on food, the options are almost limitless. Buy 1 € cheese instead of 5 € cheese.

Ask questions what will be included in your food. Tell us about your preferences and dislikes. Get an idea what you get for different prices and then decide for the one that suits you the most.

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This is very easy to explain.

It is 10 times better to book  3 stars gulet and 5 stars food, rather than 5 stars gulet and 3 stars food.

If you need to remember just 1 thing from an entire article, this should be it.

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7 – Design, Services & Crew

It is not just the food you eat.

It is also how it is served. Professional waiter, uniformed and friendly chef and a hostess that can prepare your table in a neat way are as important as the ingredients you have on your plate. So it is very important to pay attention to these things also.

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Would you like to learn more about gulets?

You can do it here:

Special thanks for this blog post goes to Dina Street. A “foodie” and the owner of gulet Southern Cross Timer.

Most of the points made in this article about local food, good preparations and organizations were done by her.

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