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Differences Between Standard and Deluxe Gulet Charter in Turkey

Sometimes you check the pictures of 2 gulets and they look almost the same category. But one is standard gulet while the other is deluxe gulet.

In this case, the photographer of standard gulet should ask for a raise while the photographer of DELUXE GULET should be fired!

In this post, we will explain to you Differences Between Standard and Deluxe Gulet Charter in Turkey.

The best man to explain this is the person that directly manages 4 different DELUXE TURKEY GULETS:


Serenity 86

Serenity 70


And also has several other vessels under central agency status. 

The first thing you can note about this gulets is that they are all incredibly maintained, clean, have a great smell, crew speaks English – all in all, you just feel AMAZING WHEN YOU ARE ON THEIR GULETS!

They are all also great sailors and they (at least for me) set the standards of how SOMETHING DELUXE should look like.

Check out more in this movie! (Cool interview with Ali – Serenity yachting)

So what are the main 4 things that make all the difference?

no.1 – The Crew!

Education, language skills, service skills, experience, general appearance….


Turkey Gulet Crew


no.2 – Technical stuff of the gulet!

Size. Cabins. Equipment of the gulet. Saloon. Bathroom.

Master cabin on Gulet Arabella


no.3 – General appearance of the gulet!

Smell. Maintenance. Varnish. Small details. Cleanliness. 


no.4 – Food!

The experience of the chef. Menu. The design of food. Plates and imagination. Presentation of food. The quality of the food.


Deluxe gulet charter in Turkey is an amazing way of spending your holidays. It is not cheap but you will get your money worth!

If you book a standard gulet you will also have an amazing time. 

Super nice bay and good company or sleeping under the stars is the same with 50.000 €/week gulet or with 10.000 €/week/gulet.

But if you have the budget. If you select the right vessel. And if everything is organized properly – you will come back for more!

That is for sure.

Mitja Mirtič

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