Cruising with Goolets in 1 minute

Learn in 1 minute and 20 seconds in the movie below:

– what is a gulet,

– are this appropriate holidays for you,

– what truly matters on a gulet cruise,

– how we can help you.

I can honestly say be making this movie was one of the hardest things EVER!

I will explain what it is such a daunting task. 

The goal was, to make a movie that would include all these information:

no.1 Explain what is a gulet boat!

I tried to explain this in a couple of pages on this blog also: What is a Gulet

Cruising with Goolets


No.2 Explain all the possibilities clients have when it comes gulet private charter holidays. Here is what we provide:

– Private charter Turkey

– Private Charter Croatia

– Private charter Greece

– Cabin Charter Croatia

– Cabin Charter Turkey

– Cabin Charter Greece

– More than 500 ships, different activities, routes and other stuff

– Explain that every gulet is not for every person



No.3 – Explain what we do for our clients!

– negotiations with the owners

– advice and suggestions

– safety

– education

– making sure everything runs smoothly

– process how we find the perfect gulets for different types of groups

– and how we transform average gulet cruise holidays to perfect gulet cruise holidays


No.4 – Explain to the clients how they can educate themselves if gulets are for them or what to do when they wish to get best deals.


No.5 – Other Stuff

– We also wanted to brag a bit about our self (who we are and how we managed to grow over the years)

– Maybe mix in also a couple of nice testimonials from our clients

– Describe some differences between destinations

– And explain what kind of gulets you can get for what kind of budgets

– Let us not forget about our mission statement and unique selling proposition

– Info about our travel licenses

– And of course about people working for Goolets and how happy are they in their job

I am very happy that the company doing this video for us slapped us and reminded us we only have 1 minute to explain it all!

And I am proud to say we did it 🙂

Check the movie again and let us know if we nailed it.


Cruising with Goolets:


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Mitja Mirtič 

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