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Cruises in Turkey: All about the Butterfly Valley.

Butterfly Valley is a very nice place with maybe the best marketing in the World! I have seen a stunning 3 butterflies there in 2 hours there but it was still a very very nice experience. The bay is phenomenal. The see is super turquoise and the scenery is amazing.

I cruised to this destination several years ago and it was a great experience.

The arrival to this place with a gulet is great. You cruise into this canyon and you are not quite sure what to expect. 

The place gets wider and wider and then suddenly you are in front of the beach and the crew is tying the gulet and taking you ashore.


Entrance to Butterfly Valley


On the beach, there is a nice bar and enough place to swim around. I must confess I was there in off season so I am not sure how are the crowds like in July and August but  I liked it a lot.


Cruises in Turkey


From the beach, you have the immediate entrance to the Valley. It is very easy going 30 minutes walk. I missed some more butterflies as I already mentioned but the nature itself was worth the trip.


Also, kids loved it 🙂


Butterfly Valley


A bit more detailed info about the place: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_Valley 

Andrej Čebular (our Turkey sales expert) at this best in Butterfly Valley.


Couple and gulet view


Final thoughts about Butterfly Valley:

a) It was a very nice experience.

b) I would for sure recommend it.

c) good for kids and interesting for adults.

d) nice for swimming and walking.

e) lots of possibilities for sports all over the place. 

If you are not sure if Turkey is for you, check out this brochure:

 Mitja Mirtič

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