Gulet Cruise Suggestion – South Dodecanese Greece

Greece cruise suggestion. The perfect combination of Turkey and Greece gulet cruises. 

Explore 2 cultures in a single week.

Explore amazing Turkey bays along with stunning Greek Islands.


This is not a day – by day route description. It is merely an example of the places you can see inside a single week.

The best part about the Blue Cruise holidays is that the routes are flexible. If you wish to stay at some place for more days or if you do not like some town, you can just change it with the captain and go to next destination.

To make it simple, here are some of the places you will experience.

1) You can start the cruise in Bodrum.

Very interesting for shopping (lots of stores) and great for sightseeing (castle and archaeological sites).

One of the most interesting towns in Turkey.

Or you can arrange the embarking procedure and escape from Bodrum.

2) Turkey is very beautiful however if you wish to explore more towns, islands and ports I suggest you go and have a trip to Greece islands.

They are very interesting to explore. The great thing about Greece is you can leave the gulet every evening and go try out local taverns or “get lost” in bays around the island.

Lots of this islands and towns also offer extra trips around the island.

If in the meantime you have enough of the ports you can just go away from it all and drop an anchor in some isolated bay.

Here are a couple of examples of Greece Islands.

Kos Island

Kos island

Symi Island

Symi island

Nisyros island

Nisyros island

Rhodes Island

Rhodes, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

This is only 1 part of the cruise. As mentioned above, one of the best things to do with gulets is to anchor in an isolated bay and enjoy easy going dinner under millions of stars – on the board of your gulet.

There is also time for some archaeological sightseeing (if you would be interested of course). You can check this out on island Kos for example.

And talking about extra trips. Would it be interesting for you to check out this volcano on Nisyros?


During the day, you also have lots of time for swimming and relaxing. Here are 2 examples out of many others (Bencik bay and Dirsek Buku).

If you are interested how a “normal” day on a gulet looks like. Check out this photo gallery. Click here! 


If this is the route you like then the next steps are:

1) determine which gulets (captains) can do this the best

2) determine which gulets (out of this) will fit your budget the best

3) determine how to organize food and drinks on board – you do not wish to spend the maximum amount of money on this, but an optimum amount of money. The difference can be very large.

Mitja Mirtič

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