Gulet Enigma

Croatia Inspections of gulets – Day 3. Gulet Enigma.

Inspections of gulets in Croatia was slowly coming to an end. On day 3 we gave special attention to gulet Enigma and checked how are things there.

Day 3 of gulet inspections


Gulet Enigma is around 30 meters in length and has 7 cabins for up to 18 guests. Gulet has 4 crew and I have to say it is very very comfortable.

We boarded the gulet in a place called Krilo Jasenice – which is one of the most amazing towns IN THE WORLD.

I am 100% sure this small village has the most SHIPS/CAPITAL. 

I think there are maybe 200 houses there – and approximately 250 ships ranging from 20 meters and up to 45 meters LOA.

This time our focus was on Enigma.


Enigma in Krilo


Gulet was prepared very neatly when we boarded. 


Enigma check in


Gulet Enigma was known in the past as Gulet Bofor. 

Bofor was a success story and one of the first gulets in Croatia – until it was sold to a new owner.

The new owner had huge problems with paying credit to the bank and the gulet was in terrible shape in the last year.

The legend goes, that if it was raining the only place where you could sleep on Bofor was on a table in the salon – everywhere else it was completely wet.

Then Ivica and Alla (new owners) took over the gulet – when everyone else thought the gulet is DEAD and in a couple of year of SWEAT AND TEARS and hard, hard work, they returned “the old spark” to this gulet.


gulet salon



Now I can personally say gulet is very well maintained and offers all the commodity that a group of 12 (and even up to 18 guests) can ask for for a gulet cruise in Croatia

Impressive Size


We had to test the skills of the crew so the captain (Ivica) took off for a nearby bay for a launch.

Back Side of the gulet


The scenery was great and we took it easy. Alenka working hard….


Goolets Croatia

Andrej enjoying the sun…

Front side of gulet


Alla (50% owner of gulet Enigma) and wife of Ivica called in for launch. We were interested in what kind of launch they will serve. 

BTW Alla is from Russia (Moscow) and speaks perfect Russian?! – great for any Russian tourists also.

Goolets inspection


The food was….well you see for yourself

First dish: Prosciutto, anchovies in local domestic olive oil, cheese – all local and fresh…

First dish

Second Dish

Lots of vegetables, lamb, ramsteak and a bottle of quality red % white wine.

Second Dish



Pancakes with Cognac and Orange Juice (forgot the name – but extra yummy…)



The launch had to settle in.

The scenery was truly amazing and we thought A LOT how we could make more business to gulet Enigma.

The gulet deserves it.

Owners Alla and Ivica also.

They really give THEIR ALL to clients and all the groups we sent them till now came home very happy.


Goolets in Croatia



Gulet Enigma is perfect for a bit bigger groups. I think if you have 12 or 14 guests – this is perfect for this gulet.

It is also very highly recommended for 4 or 5 families with children cruising together.

Lots of cabins have extra beds so if you have parents + extra child together – it works.

Lots of cabins also have TWIN BEDS – which makes it much more “suitable” for children who hate to sleep together in a double bed.

Enigma has TONS of deck space and 2 seating areas they made in front are a winning combination.




The salon is pretty large also.

Do not expect OVER THE TOP LUXURY or white glove services.

Do not expect DELUXE accommodation and HUGE AMAZING CABINS with Jacuzzi inside.

But if you like genuine Croatian hospitality and “warm” owners who will do EVERYTHING to make you happy…then you will have the best time on this gulet.


If you would like to get THE BEST POSSIBLE DEAL for gulet Enigma – we will be happy to assist you.

As an agency who offered their support to the new owners from the start, I can say we have very very competitive prices for Enigma.

Mitja Mirtič


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