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Gulet Gideon Review. Croatia Gulet Inspections – Day 2

Gulet Gideon is one of a kind in Croatia.

With 8 cabins and more than 30 meters in length, it is one of the biggest gulets you can get here.


Check this video about Gideon – I think you will be surprised how good it looks…

Gulet Gideon is special for me for another reason (more about this later). If you are interested in technical details, prices, more pictures and other info you can check this link.

If you are interested in more than just technical info (the story behind it)….then check this review.


Croatia Gulet


7 Facts About Gulet Gideon You Should Know Before You Board

1. The crew on gulet Gideon (crew will be changed for 2016)

The crew is GREAT. Here is why:

Ante (owner and captain) is “old school” (he said he will kill us if we tell his age :-)) and is full of funny stories.

Djeki (chef) is not the most talkative person alive – however, the food he prepares is what should interest you…And when he talks, he is super kind, approachable and nice…and always ready to help.

Vinko is a seasoned captain, sailor, name it – he has done it. He is the “right hand” of Ante and a perfect fit for this gulet…making sure everything is done correctly.

Danijela gives a gulet a very needed woman’s touch. I think every gulet should have a woman on board. They see things man does not and it just adds to the atmosphere.

Gulet Gideon Crew


2.0 Food on board

We tried a full course meal made from 

– cold first dish


– hot second dish

Second Meal

– main course


– desert

Last Meal

– 5 o clock coffee

5 o clock coffe


I can speak in the name of my taste buds – they were happy…very happy 🙂

3.0 Deck Space

Gulet Gideon just surprised me with its size.

I do not think any other gulet in Croatia has so much deck space as Gulet Gideon.

You have lots of space in the sun – and this can also be transferred into shade if you wish to escape the sun.

Taking it easy


The second best thing is the sitting area on the front deck. This one also can be left in the sun – or you can put the shade over it.

We enjoyed a nice glass of wine in the sun with Ante – talking about good deals and how can they make our clients happy.


New Deals

4.0 Cabins

Cabins are surprisingly comfortable. Each cabin has own air condition.

Beds are large enough.

My only advice here would be to try to spend most of the nights in bays that are protected from the wind and calm.

Gulet is not brand new and when the gulet is moving in the night, you hear a sound of wood squeaking, which can be a bit annoying.

I spent more than 7 nights on this gulet and this happened only once.



5.0 Bathrooms

At least for me – bathrooms are more important than cabins itself and Gideon had “normal” bathrooms.

You can move, stand, brush your teeth and make all other “arrangements” inside in a good comfortable way.

Only setback here was that the shower goes out of the sink – and the “shower cable” is a bit short. I am a tall person at 193 cm (6,5 Feet), so if you are shorter you will not have problems. If you are taller, you will have a bit limited moving space when taking a shower.

(the picture below is a bit strange – the bathroom is actually much larger than it seems on the picture)

gulet gideon bathroom

6.0 Captain Ante is a cool person.

I know I wrote about the crew above, but I think Ante deserves more than a short description above.

His experience gives him a very good angle on how to talk with people, when to excuse himself from clients and when to approach and say a few words about the itinerary and the plans that are ahead.

His navigational skills are amazing. To park and drive a vessel like Gideon takes skills – and Ante makes it look very effortlessly.

captain Ante


7.0 Another Reason Why Gideon is Special for me.

My opinion on gulet Gideon might be a bit subjective because I actually got married on this gulet 🙂

Gulet Gideon Marriage

It was a great experience. Here is our entire family in front of gulet Gideon.

Our Team on a Wedding Day

One last picture…


I cruised with this gulet first to get a general impression (as part of an inspection trip).

When I got married on this gulet and invited my entire family, so if something would go wrong, my wife, mother, father, brother, sister in law, brother in law, nephew and his girlfriend and my kids would all give me lots of headaches.

Gulet Gideon is clean, nice, with GREAT CREW, very good food and lots of space.

I can say we will very very easily and without hesitation offer gulet Gideon to any groups that range from 12 – 18 people.

And we also know they will come home satisfied.

We will be back on gulet Gideon.

If you are interested in this gulet let us know. We will be more than happy to advise you and assist you.

Mitja Mirtič

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