Deluxe gulet Croatia

Deluxe Gulet Charter Croatia Options


  • Selection of best gulets Croatia has to offer.
  • From 5 and up to 9 cabins, each with own shower and toilet
  • Best services, crews, and accommodation.
  • Price range goes from 10.000 €/week in low season for 5 cabins gulets and up to 25.000 €/week for the most stunning gulets.
  • Croatia offers also some gulets which belong to »Best gulets in the World« category.
  • Lots of water toys, unending hospitality, best food, concierge services and more…
Gulet Navilux

Let us offer some good advice at this point!Your perfect gulet cruise holidays are a combination of a perfect gulet best possible itinerary and best activities you can select to do while you cruise.When you find the winning combination out of all 3, you will really enjoy your cruise.

We can help you find a winning match.

We use something called »The Procedure« which was used thousands of times before and it has always provided clients with the best possible cruise satisfaction.

You can start on this link.

Gulet Angelica Croatia


The best way to proceed! Follow these 3 simple steps:

1) First, check our recommended gulets below and choose what you like.
These gulets are carefully selected, but it is not necessarily the best selection for you. However, you will have a great insight of what is available in the market.

2) Send us an inquiry and fill out the questions in detail. More info you give us, better service we can provide you with.

3) Our Agency representative will contact you by e-mail or phone and will guide you through this procedure. You will find the information, that we will provide you with, entertaining, which will make the planning even more interesting

Recommended Gulets

Gulet Andi Star

26 m / 5 cabins / max 14 guests
Gulet Andi Star is perfect all kind of groups (seniors, families, friends) and explorers who wish to see

MAY, OCT – 11.500 €/week

JUN, SEP – 12.500 €/week

JUL, AUG – 13.500 €/week +extras

Gulet Kadena

32 m / 6 cabins / max 12 guests
Gulet Kadena is perfect for families with teenagers or small kids, seniors and explorers who wish to see

MAY, OCT – 13.500 to14.900 €/week

JUN, SEP – 14.900 to 16.900 €/week

JUL, AUG – 18.500 €/week +extras

Gulet Aurum

30 m / 6 cabins / max 12 guests
Gulet Aurum is perfect seniors, families, friends, and explorers who wish to see

MAY, OCT – 16.500 €/week

JUN, SEP – 18.500 to 20.500 €/week

JUL, AUG – 20.500 €/week +extras

Gulet Luna

33 m / 8 cabins / max 16 +2 guests
Gulet Luna is perfect for families, friends, seniors, and explorers who wish to see

MAY, OCT – 18.200 €/week

JUN, SEP – 22.200 to 24.800 €/week

JUL, AUG – 24.800 €/week +extras


Deluxe gulet charter Croatia is one of the best ways for holidays.
Plan it in a correct way and you will have an amazing holiday.

Mitja Mirtič

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