Croatia cruises

Croatia Cruises or Caribbean Cruises

Several time ago we received a very interesting question from one of our clients from USA:


“We would like to go on a cruise but we are not sure where to go. Caribbean Cruise or Croatia Cruise“?


For that reason we have decided to make a fun infographic, listing the pros and cons of both destinations respectively to see what will pop out.


Here are the results:



 Do you agree with our results?

We would be happy to hear your thoughts on this topic. Comment below.


There are 4 main reasons why we think Croatia Cruises are better then the Caribbean Cruises. 

Reason No.1: Safety first! No sharks or other “strange animals” in the Adriatic Sea

The sea is much safer in Croatia then  in the Caribbean. No sharks, no killer jelly fish, no strange animals. The scariest thing you can see in Croatia is a Dolphin. And there is quite a large number of those swimming around.  


So if you hate DOLPHINS – do not go to Croatia!


Caribbean are great – but we have all seen movie “Jaws” – and nobody likes to end up as an afternoon snack. 🙂

Reason No.2: Very small area with hundreds of options!

Many things to explore in a relatively small area.


In Croatia you can disembark every day and explore a different town & island.


With it’s 1200 islands and small towns as well as cities, Croatia is the perfect destination to do just that.

Here are just of few places you can visit in only 7 days in Croatia:

Dubrovnik – “The pearl of the Adriatic” as it was called by lord Byron as he gazed upon it for the first time. A former medieval city-state, whose power rivaled that of Venice itself, has one of the most spectacular views in Europe. Also known as “King’s Landing” from the popular show Game of thrones.


Hvar Town, Hvar Island – rated as one of the TOP 10 beautiful islands in the World


Vis Town – A regular destination for Formula 1’s Bernie Ecclestone and other celebrities


The Golden cape and Bol on the island Brač – one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia


Trogir – a UNESCO protected medieval town


Split – a city full of ancient history, Split is home to the famous palace of the roman emperor Diocletian


Korčula – The home town of Marco Polo with it’s unique old town


Makarska riviera – bursting with life


Reason No.3: – Escape the masses, go to secluded bays and beaches and explore an amazing town – ALL IN 1 DAY.

You can completely escape the masses during the day visiting isolated bays and beaches.


You can spend time on many of Croatia’s HIDDEN PLACES and have the best time only with your family and friends!


No pesky hordes of tourists around you


When you have enough of isolation, the ship raises anchor and in 1 hour time you are moored in another bay which again offers lots privacy. At the same time, the bay is so close to the main town that the crew can transfer you to land in 10 minutes.


When you have enough of exploring town, shoping, eating in restaurants or checking historical sites you can just retire back to the gulet. You simply call the crew go back to the ship and enjoy the evening in a quiet bay under millions of stars. No crowds, no noise, no tourists.

Reason No.4: Croatia is becoming a new JET SET destination to visit!

Croatia  has been a hidden treasure, lying dormant for quite some time. It has been steadily gaining on popularity however,  ever since Hollywood celebrities, millionaires and sheiks have started visiting it.


w it has become a very popular “boutique destination”. Despite that fact it has retained one major advantage compared to the Caribbean (and Greece, Italy, Turkey etc. for that matter).


Croatia is nowhere near as commercialized (i.e. expensive) as Caribbean resorts.The prices are much more reasonable in most tourist destinations. you can, however spend a fortune on a dinner, a room, clothing, jewelry and such, but only as an option.



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