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Croatia Cruises Prices – Complete Overview of the market

Croatia Cruises Prices


200 classic motor sailors, 40 gulet type ships. From B category to deluxe vessels.


You can find all the information on Croatia Cruises prices on this page plus a complete pricing overview of all ships.


We will start in the deluxe section and down to the cheapest options. If you are on a tight budget, just scroll down to the bottom.




Photo Gallery – Examples of deluxe gulets from Croatia





– Gulets where no expenses are spared with maintenance, crew and on board equipment


– Budget range in HIGH SEASON: From around €1,500 per person per week and up to €60.000 per week for a gulet charter


– Vessels range in size from 25 – 45 meters


– The best of the best from Croatia




The most luxurious gulet (or yacht or motor sailor however you wish to call it) is Navilux.   Prices are around €50,000 per week plus expenses.






This vessel is then followed by a couple of gulets that are crème de la crème of Croatia and which we really like to use for our VIP clients.


To name my TOP 3 FAVORITES in this section: Gulet Anđeo, Gulet Aurum, Gulet Kadena


These gulets have charter prices from approximately €15,000 per week in low season and up to €20,000 per week in high season (expenses are extra).


It is all about location



Two vessels also fall into this category, but they have a bit of a different concept. They are motor sailors, and because they can accommodate up to 16 guests (or even a bit more if there are children in the group) the price per person becomes very interesting.


They have prices from €15,000 per week to €22,000 per week.


If you divide this into 16 guests, it comes to around €1,250 per person per week plus extras.


(Vessel no.1 – Gulet Luna

Luna in Trogir


(Vessel no.2 – Gulet Romanca)

Romanca (5)



In my humble opinion, it is hard to compare deluxe gulets and deluxe motor sailors, as they are of different styles and concepts of ships, but we have to also mention them.


If you are interested in what exactly a motor sailor is you can learn all about them here: My first cruise with a standard motor sailor in Croatia


These vessels are bigger and can accommodate 24 to 40 guests or more.


They are called a new generation of ships in Croatia and some of them are truly HUGE!


Outside view

Deluxe Motor Sailor


Cabin view

cabins look deluxe motor sailor


Gulets are mostly used for private charter while motor sailors are usually booked as cabin charters.


Prices for this kind of vessel range from €1,200 per person per week to €2,200 per person per week – including food.



Photo Gallery – examples of Luxury gulets 



– Budget range is from approximately €1,000 per person per week to €1,500 per person per week.

– Very nice gulets – compared to 4-star hotels. 

– Gulets range from 23 meters to maximum of 33 meters 

– Amazing range of motor sailors for cabin charter available



The competition in this section is really huge in Croatia and it is very hard to highlight 3 gulets which we like the most.

I am sure lots of people would not agree with us, however, according to all gulet cruise inspections we made and according to client feedback, here are 3 gulets we like the most.

Gulet no.1 – Linda

She might also belong to the deluxe category but I think it’s better to be the king in the luxury category than the cheapest option in the deluxe category.

Prices range from €11,000 per week to €17,000 per week (food is extra).

This gulet can accommodate 14 guests.


Gulet Linda


Gulet no.2 Krila 7

While some people might argue why we put this gulet under the top 3 luxury gulets in Croatia, I think it belongs here.

And I have a good reason why. This gulet gets some of the most amazing feedback from our clients and according to the price, it’s for sure one of the best value for money gulets in Croatia.

Prices range from €9,000 – 12,000 per week plus expenses.


Krila 7


Gulet no.3 – Andi Star

Linda is a 7 cabin gulet. Krila 7 is a six cabin gulet. Andi Star is a 5 cabin gulet. 

It is an incredibly maintained gulet. It boasts excellent food and service which equals very happy clients!

Prices range from €10,000 per week to €13,500 per week plus expenses.


Gulet Andi Star


Right there at the top, we have to also mention gulets Ana Marija, Malena, Perla (I probably also left someone out -by mistake) – but these are the options that come to my mind first.



Some people also call this the A+ category.

These are motor sailors that range in size from 30 – 35 meters and have 10 – 20 cabins.

Prices range from €900 per person per week to €1,600 per person per week.


Outside view

A+ category

Inside view

A+ category from inside



Photo Gallery of Standard gulets – Examples from Croatia



– Prices range from €500 per person per week to €1,000 per person per week

– Most vessels are air-conditioned (with the exception of B category motor sailors) 

– Lots of different sizes, types, and ages, from 4 to 20 cabins.

– Lots of options for cabin charter and private charter



Again – a very hard decision of which gulets to highlight.

I leave these to our clients. These 3 gulets received the best reviews and we are happy to offer them.

Gulet no.1 – GIDEON

8 cabins, 3 or 4 very good crew members, renovated in 2014.

Lots of deck space. Happy clients, comfortable cabins.


Gulet Gideon one more time


Prices from €8,000 – 14,000 per week (can be flexible – especially May, June, September, and October).

I am always happy to recommend this to groups from 10 – 16 guests. 

Gulet no.2 – Dolin

Not a classic “gulet type” ship, but for sure with the most amazing captain in Croatia.

25 meters and 5 cabins.

The feedback that comes from Dolin always amazes me, and if you are on a tight budget – this is the gulet to book.

You will 100% come home incredibly happy.



Prices range from €5,500 – 7,500 per week (can be flexible).  

Gulet no.3 – Nostalgija

25 meters, 5 cabins gulet with air conditioning.

Very well maintained and with an owner that speaks 5 different languages, has traveled the entire world and can tell you hundreds of interesting stories – in a fun and easy going way.




 Prices range from €7,000 to 9,500 per week plus extras.

Gulet no.4 – Andi

We also just have to mention gulet Andi also. This nice 6 cabins air conditioned gulet has a really good crew, is also very well maintained and clients are always super satisfied when they come home.

It is also one of the very few gulets that offer cabin charter cruises in Croatia, so if you do not have an entire group and you can spend from €770 to €990 per person per week -then this is the choice we would gladly recommend to you.


Gulet Andi


Other gulets we need to mention in this category are Polo, Pulenat, Blue Nose, Agora, and Enigma. 


When it comes to motor sailors they go into two separate subcategories.

A+ category vessels are ships that have a shower and toilet in every cabin and some of them also have air conditioning.

Prices range from approximately €600 per person per week to €900 per person per week. 


a kategory ships


B category vessels are ships that have 8 – 16 cabins and each cabin has only a sink with water, while showers and toilets are shared.

Prices range from around €400 per person per week to €650 per person per week.


b category ship


As you can see options are quite extensive.

Last couple of things you need to know when it comes to Croatia Cruises prices:

– Owners and agencies do not wish to promote best deals online (to keep the good name of the vessel intact)

– This means you will get the best deals when you submit an inquiry and your requirements to us. 

– Do not expect any particularly huge discounts in high season – 90% of the vessels are booked at this time.

– You might want to avoid the 10% of vessels that have problems with bookings in high season (there are exceptions to this rule of course)  

Early booking promotions are slowly becoming stronger in Croatia than last minute booking. The earlier you book, the better deals and better options you can expect.

I hope this overview will help you to get a general idea of what is available in Croatia.

If you would like to get a specific idea – what you can get for your budget or an exact offer, click on one of the buttons below and we will be happy to advise you.

Mitja Mirtič

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