Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia

Croatia cruise: DinoJay’s perspective

We at Goolets want you to get the most out of your vacation. That’s why we want to present all the interesting sights, facts, stories and interesting views. If you’re considering a gulet cruise in Croatia, read on…


One of the most popular Gulet cruise destinations is definitely Croatia. Partly because of it’s pristine Adriatic coast, partly because it’s still relatively unknown when compared to other European travel destinations.


Of course, being a company that sells Croatia Gulet cruises, we might be seen as trying to pitch a destination to our potential clients.


That’s why we scour the Internet for stories written by people, who are outside our field, people who don’t even know we exist.


Dean Johnston is definitely one of those people. His view on traveling is…unique to say the least!

If you’re interested in discovering Croatian destinations in a more humorous way, you’ll definitely want to give this post a try.

If you liked DinoJay’s perspective

you can also check out his book called Random Acts of Travel: Featuring Trepidation, Hammocks, and Spitting


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