Croatia nature route

Croatia Charter Nature Route – Escape The Crowds

Croatia charter comes in many different forms and you can cruise lots of different routes.

This route is in my personal opinion the best for everybody that wish to:

– escape the crowds

– enjoy the nature at its best

– to check lots of different turquoise bays during the day

– to avoid larger and more popular towns, but check smaller much more easy going villages 


In our opinion this route is perfect for:

– Seniors that do not like mass tourism

– Families with small children (lots of swimming, snorkeling and water sports activities possible) 

– “Private Party” groups. People that like to party on their own – without being bothered and without bothering other people.  


Before you check out the route below  I would also like to invite you to check out brochure “GULET CRUISE GUIDE”. It will help you determine what is important on a gulet cruise – for you!


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To make the route description more interesting I will add my comments and some extra suggestions along the way. 


Trogir  – Krka Waterfalls – Kornati  Islands – Zadar – Trogir


(Departures and arrivals can be from Split, Zadar or Šibenik)




Šibenik – Skradin, Krka Waterfalls 

Thanks to a great number of small islands, National Parks and rich cultural-historical monuments Šibenik Riviera is a true pearl of Northern Dalmatia.


The fact that there are two National Parks in Šibenik Riviera is unique in the World.


National Park Krka will give you the impression of a canyon river with lakes and waterfalls, while the National Park Kornati is a beautiful island archipelago with unusual impressions of stone, sea, and silence.


If you visit the town’s center and all its fortresses, monuments and churches you can witness the mixture of different cultures whose cultures made this town and riviera beautiful. Šibenik riviera and island of Murter are famous for their tradition of Big game fishing especially swordfish and tuna.


Town of Primošten is situated on the island that was inhabited five centuries ago by people who had landed there. Seamen call the island the “dry cape” due to long dry periods. This natural and historic surrounding of Šibenik Riviera offers many places to visit, recreate, and enjoy the sea.

Island Primosten


MY SUGGESTION: If you like to check old cities (a bit crowded) Šibenik is very very nice. If you prefer a bit smaller touristic port, then Primošten is really amazing.

The best thing what you can do is anchor close to this 2 towns in some easy quiet bay and go to this 2 places with a dinghy. Then stay there for 2 or 3 hours to take a walk along with some pictures and maybe even have a nice dinner…and then you go back to gulet.


If you wish to completely escape the people,  stay in front of Skradin (on Anchor also). This is a very very sleepy town in front of Krka Waterfalls worth to check out….check Krka waterfalls the next morning (crowded by very nice) and leave for the Zlarin and Kaprije (Kornati islands ASAP). 


Zlarin – Kaprije


The island of Kaprije is situated in the central part of the Sibenik archipelago with the surface of 9.67km2. It was named after the Mediterranean plant Kaipara (caper – green buds of a plant, used pickled). Naturally sheltered from all the winds, on its north-eastern side, the port of Kaprije enables safe berthing to the numerous yachts and to the yachtsmen offers relaxation and good local specialties. As it is well connected with Sibenik, besides the seamen, Kaprije attracts many visitors and tourists by its beauty, its sea rich in all kinds of fish and its hidden coves.


Kaprije harbor


Kornati islands!

George Bernard Shaw” On the last day of Creation, God wished to crown his work and made the Kornati islands out of his tears, the stars and his breath.”


Kornati islands


In The central part of the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea, almost parallel to the coastline, a unique archipelago of the Kornati islands is scattered.


The archipelago covers an area of 300km2 with 148 islands and islets in a total surface of 62km2. Because of its unique natural beauty, numerous bays and coves, preserved nature and extremely rich sea ecosystem, a bigger part of this island comprises a National Park founded in 1980.


MY SUGGESTION: they say 100 people have 100 different points of view – by Kornati islands are my favorite. It seems like you are on a different planet and the energy is just amazing there (for me). You can easily stay a minimum of 2 days in this part (some stay more) and just explore nature. 


Check out the movie we made of gulet Dolin around Kornati Islands. It really catches the beauty of this place.



Biograd na Moru, Zadar

Zadar waters and the Riviera are a paradise for boaters. With its numerous isthmuses channels and protected bays, with more than 200 islands and islets, and the excellent climate of Zadar waters is a paradise for all kinds of maritime activities.

Kornati Locals say that after God created the world, left him a few white stones. Cast them into the sea, looking at the outcome, was pleased and decided that no repairs are not needed. In this way created the Kornati islands. Come and assured that it is the only common legend!



Fascinating is the closer and wider Zadar region and within the tourist riviera by Nin in the north and south towards Biograd.

Zadar gravitating placed the historical town of Nin, Pag, Biograd, Obrovac, Benkovac, and others, approximately fifty small and picturesque seaside resorts, national parks and nature parks: Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka, Lakes, Plitvice Lakes.

Numerous Landscape Ravni district in the function were walking, excursion, culinary, wine, and other tourist itineraries. And finally, the pearl lacy islands and islets, three hundred of them, that the bulk of tourist beautiful necklaces make a special gift.


MY SUGGESTION: if you miss the Biograd it will not be a disaster, however, Zadar is a very nice town. And it has several interesting things to see. It can also be crowded, of course, however, I think it pays to sacrifice a couple of hours for this amazing town. 

Zadar center


If you wish to check the SUPER AMAZING sea, superb nature, hidden villages and just take it easy…Kornati islands route is best for you.


BEWARE – Not every gulet is perfect for this itinerary!


Some gulet owners do not like to stay on anchor every single day.

Some gulets do not know this area so good (it is not as known and populated as central Dalmatian Islands Route with islands such as Hvar, Korčula, and Brač).


On this itinerary, it is crucial that it is planned correctly.  


It is very important to match it with a perfect gulet to maximize your holiday experience.


If you are interested in this route let us know and we will combine it together with the most appropriate gulet and the best extra activities according to your group structure. 


Just fill out on of the forms below or send us to email to and we will be happy to assist you. 


Mitja Mirtič 


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