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Check out Datca during your gulet cruise holidays. You will love it.

Datca is one of the most popular gulet cruise destinations.

Amazing nature, nice sea lots of places to snorkel…

It is really the best escape.

And there is more to eat than just this.

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Datça is a district of Muğla Province in southwest Turkey, and the center town of the district.
The center is situated midway through the peninsula which carries the same name as the district and the town (Datça Peninsula).
Datça Peninsula is a prized location for tourists visiting Turkey, especially by sea, because of the beauty of its many coves and larger bays, which are favored ports of call for those undertaking the celebrated Blue Cruise along Turkey”s spectacular southwest coast.
Boats (usual gulets) depart either from Bodrum or Marmaris, or from Datça itself for these tours.
The quiet fishermen village Datca is located about 65 kilometers from Marmaris.
Datca, with just 8000 inhabitants is on a peninsula surrounded by nature. Its location is unique: North of the peninsula is the Aegean Sea and at the South the Mediterranean Sea. From the Peninsula, you have a panoramic view on the Greek islands Kos, Simi and Rhodos.
Datca is not yet discovered by mainstream tourism because there is no airport nearby. Here you can still taste the real Turkey in Datca. The village is famous for its high oxygen level in the air and the low humidity.
Even in the hottest summer months, a gentle breeze will allow for a pleasant stay. The sea and the coast line are stunningly beautiful. In the village itself, you can find a little beach and there are plenty quiet little bays where you can enjoy the peace and beauty.
When you are in Datca you can visit the natural hot water spring in the center of Datca. This little lake feeds a small water fall, where between 4000 and 5000-liter water flows into the sea every minute.
The hot water allows you to swim also in the coldest winter months. On Friday and Saturday a visit to the weekly market is certainly worthwhile;on this market you can buy cheap vegetable, fruit and clothing.”Eski Datca” or Old Datca is located 4km from Datca Historically this was the old center of Datça. Walking around there will give you the idea that you are going back in time by centuries! Walking down the narrow streets, you can enjoy the old architecture of the houses which has remained intact.
From Datca there are several excursions (day trips) which could be made:
– A visit to one of the Greek islands: Kos, Simi or Rhodos. Regular departures from Datca city by boat.
– A day trip to the Turkish bathing resort Bodrum (in the summer you can take the the ferry boat which operates every day).
– A day trip to the Turkish bathing resort Marmaris.
– A visit to Cnidus, where you can find the ruins of an old Roman city.
– A boat excursion to the beautiful coast of the peninsula.
– A visit to “Eski Datca” (old Datca).
– A visit to the antique Kaunos with its rocky burial tombs and the turtle island at Dalyan.
There are lots of water sports possibilities such as sailing, surfing, and kite flying.
Visit Datca with a gulet. you will not be sorry!
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