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The BEST HOLIDAY IDEA in the world – EVER! Would you like to join me on board?

(This blog is a way how to convince people to go into this kind of holidays. It is sent to friends, spouses, kids, family to show them where they could go next year)

I couldn’t resist to show you where I’m going for vacation next summer … Will you give it a try and join me? Take a look at this … It will only cost you a minute but give you so much more. 

Think of this … YOU can be there too! If you are interested let me know and we try to organize it! I am sure we will have a blast!


This is where we could be going …

Dubrovnik, Croatia


This is what we could be eating …

Food on a gulet


And THIS is what we would get to see! 


This is a good idea, isn’t it? Moreover, I would say it’s an AMAZING idea for our next summer vacations.


Why such strong words? When I told my other friends I was going cruising, they weren’t so happy. They initially thought I booked on some gigantic cruise liner.


Almost all of them have had an experience with that kind of cruise and they weren’t satisfied at all …


Very easy to understand when you can have THIS, instead of those overcrowded cities on water.


Many quickly changed their mind when I tell them WHERE and HOW I was going. Many have never heard of a gulet boat and all the great things they offer.

Of course, I had to explain them some basics. The individual approach when coming to gulet holidays is something really special. Not only I got to know the itinerary, the agency also told me the name of the gulet I was going – PULENAT – and even the name of the owner!


The boat is 22 meters long, has 4 cabins and was renovated very recently. Check it out!


Maybe the best thing about PULENAT is that it departs from Dubrovnik. Who hasn’t heard of this magnificent city yet? The itinerary is so special I have to tell a bit more about it. Here it is …

Day 1. Zaton Village


Embarkation, sail to the village of Zaton, dinner at local tavern where you
could soak your feet in the sea while having an exquisite dinner.


Day 2. Island Sipan


Sail by the islands of Kalamota and Lopud, lunch, dinner at Marko”s Tavern in
the scenic village of Luka on the island of Sipan.


Day 3. Island Mljet

Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia.

Sail to the island of Mljet, lunch en route, dinner in cove Saplunara, Tavern

Day 4. Polace

Sail along island of Mljet, lunch, dinner in the village of Polace, Tavern Ogigija.

Day 5. Pomena

Explore the island of Mljet, visit the lake, monastery, sail to Pomena, dinner
at Maria”s Tavern.


Day 6. Peljesac

Sail to village of Trstenik, Peljesac peninsula, visit the Grgic vineyards, lunch,
sail to cove Kobas, dinner at tavern Gastro Mare.


Day 7. Zaton

Sail to the island of Lopud, lunch in cove Sunji, sail to Zaton, dinner at local
village house in the village of Osojnik / short ride by van /.


Day 8. – Gruz


Short sail to port Gruz for mid morning disembarkation.

This is only a fraction of the experience. It’s not possible to send the beautiful scenery and the fresh aromas that emanate from the local evergreen flora … They say the climate is great! I have no reason not to believe that.

That’s why it is the best holiday idea in the world!

And you know what the best thing about this is? That it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Now, it wasn’t so hard to relax and look at this fantastic material, wasn’t it?

Are you interested in more info on gulet cruises?  Check them out here

If you want to know more, or you already decided to join me next summer, you can email us and then we contact the agency for an exact tailor made an offer…

They can make this type of cruise 100% according to our wishes!

You can also share this page further if you have more ideas who could join us also…


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