Gulet Sedna from Croatia

For Tim Ferriss: Biggest challenge of his life + 500.000 USD worth of PR for free!

Could this be the biggest project for Tim Ferriss? How to save the World Economy and getting PR that would make Ryan Holiday proud? This post is about the marketing project and idea, that we are in the process of organizing.

Tim Ferriss


What does a 50.000 € gulet cruise, saving the World Economy, Incredible Sailing, Tim Ferriss, Noah Keagan, Tucker Max, Ryan Holiday and other internet marketing gurus like Seth Godin have in common? I will explain it all in this post.


Here is the plan:

a) Send him an official invitation to a 50.000 €/week cruise!
b) Give him a challenge (saving the World Economy) that will be very hard for him to refuse!
c) Provide him with 500.000 € worth of PR – free of charge!

So here we go.


Mr. Ferriss if you are reading this, our company (Goolets LTD) would like to give you 100% free of charge invitation to a gulet cruise.

You can choose: 

Go on a cruise with gulet Esma Sultan in October, during the super famous Bodrum Regatta in Turkey

The gulet (42 meters LOA and 5 crew) has 7 cabins in total and can accommodate up to 14 guests.If you would rent it for a week it would cost you (including food, fuel, taxes and other expenses and charter around 50.000 €/week).

Or go on a gulet cruise with one of our DELUXE gulets from Croatia and check places such as Dubrovnik, Hvar (Rated as one of the TOP 10 most beautiful islands in the World), Bol, Korčula…..The dates for Croatia can be organized for next year anytime in May or June…


Bodrum Cup

I personally believe that internet marketing gurus are the biggest minds of our time and can beat politics asses when it comes to saving the Worlds economy!

My idea is, that the World will become the better place when people will look at the mirror and make the change (special thanks to Michael Jackson for this quote)!

And who could be better in this than Tim Ferriss and his group of friends?

What is a gulet


The main idea would go something like this (also flexible)

a) How to get the word out on book 4 – hour body and show people that the best way to succeed in life is to – WORK OUT (as Richard Branson said and Tim used it in his book)

b) How to make a combination of 4 hour Work Week and How to make your first Dollar that Noah Keagan made and spread the word globally!

c) How to get Seth Godin on the cruise to teach people to get the “balls” to choose themselves!

d) Hot to get Tucker Max on the cruise, who would explain to people that being an as-hole and having unreal self-confidence can truly help you in life!

e) Get Hubspot company to support the cruise and get their team to join forces also (and bring some more gurus along the way). Our agency is the client of this company and huge fans of “INBOUND MARKETING IDEA” and we are already discussing all the options with them.

f) How to use this concept and reach out to as many people as possible about it – and saving the World Economy along the way!


Will this be a lot of work?


Not at all! Just some brainstorming would be done over amazing dinners, bears, a quality vine in amazing bays and each superstar would then write about this on their blogs…DONE DEAL.

I am quite sure all the blogs, huge internet pages, and famous writers would cover this event – it is for the GREAT CAUSE!

The best gulets have the best services

500.000 € WORTH OF PR – FOR FREE?
Let’s stop here for a second and ask ourselves what might happen if we get all these incredible people on 7 days ULTRA LUXURY CRUISE together with a joint mission of saving the World?

It would make Ryan Holiday smile and go to some serious action!

First of all, this is the event that would be written about and talked about by everybody on the cruise for sure.

Reach: several million people in the first place!

Second of all this is the event that would be covered by every single huge media in the World also (I am sure). Let’s add a couple of million people also here.

Third of all – by getting Ryan (a friend of Tim Ferriss) on the cruise and giving him the challenge of making this the biggest PR thing since his book launch. Just this thing would double a number of people that would see this from points one and 2.

If you are a media outlet and you do not report about internet marketing gurus trying to save the World…then you are not a media outlet at all!

The gulets are ready and waiting for Tim Ferriss and his most influential friends.

If the interest will be bigger – I am sure we can make this our own cruise flotilla on board amazing gulets.

Gulet Mezcal amazing picture

The best part?

Saving the World will take part on board ultra luxury vessels! Check out what is a gulet via pictures. 

There will be no work or other »hidden« promotions to be done as the return favor from »the gurus«. It is just a fun experience, with amazing people enjoying life and talking about interesting topics. 


So Mr. Ferriss, would this be interesting for you?

All you have to do is show up and bring your friends along with you and tell me how many cabins you might need and for who? 

Let me know if this might be interesting for you or if you have any more questions by sending me email to

Hope to see you and your friends on board soon Mr. Ferris.



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