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Can you check Istanbul during the Gulet cruise?


People say Istanbul is the cradle of the civilization. Where East meets West! One of the most amazing towns in the World! Is it really? It 100% is! You will not be sorry if you visit this amazing city.


Lots of people that wish to experience Blue Cruise Holidays wish to check Istanbul also. And if you are traveling to Turkey this is very smart idea to do.

 Istanbul gulet cruise

So Istanbul is the Sea Town yes?


So if there is direct access to the sea and ports and if Turkey has more than 1.000 gulets for charter then you can also charter a gulet from Istanbul. Spend a couple of days there and then go to other places also.


Not really. 


Here is the MAP OF TURKEY!


Turkey map


99% of the gulets stay in the RED SQUARE AREA (check out the map). This is the area between Bodrum and Antalya which is also the most amazing area for a cruise. 


Now check out where the Istanbul is?


Not very close.


Istanbul gulet cruising


So We have a good news – bad news scenario here for you.



It is almost impossible to rent a gulet in Istanbul and make a blue cruise including this amazing town.



The connections from Dalaman airport and Bodrum airport and Antalya airport to Istanbul are very very good. So you can easily do this:

a) go on a Blue cruise and enjoy 7 days on a gulet

b) take a flight with Turkish airlines (very good prices) or some other local domestic flight company (takes around 1 hour) to Istanbul

c) spend 3 or 4 days in Istanbul and enjoy the best you can.


If you are traveling from Australia, USA, Africa, Asia or from some place which is very far away I think you should also include Istanbul in your plan.


You will not be sorry.


If you do not have this time and you get to choose between Istanbul and a Gulet Cruise holidays it is like this:

1) Go to Istanbul if you like large towns, lots of history, guided tours, parties, crowds, and shopping!

2) Go to Blue cruise if you like to swim, escape the masses, nature, snorkeling, great food and lots of nice experience.(also lots of shopping and history possible here also). 



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