Dubrovnik, Croatia

How Can Blue Cruise Holidays Change your life?

It is not about your holidays! It is how you feel when the holidays are over!  Did your batteries recharge? Do you love your wife more? Do you have even more friends? Are you ready for new challenges life will bring you?

If yes then your holidays achieved your goal! In this post, I will write what were my main takeaways from Blue Cruise holidays!

The bays that took our breath away


First of all this cruise made an impact on us and how we see things.

Before the cruise, everyone of us forgot the importance of relaxation.

We were too much under the influence of modern world that demands of everyone to be constantly ‘wired’, to be ‘connected’ any day and anytime, to be always on a look out for new things …

This experience opened our eyes and we started to change our perspective on the importance of time and demands of modern society. All of a sudden, we began to cherish little joys of life. And it felt good!

This cruise really changed me in many different ways …

– I became a master of time and not the opposite.

– I learned to see things in a different way. Not so superficially anymore.

The places we visited

– I learned how to relax.

Small things big memories

– I learned that I always have to keep an open eye.

Maybe I’ll notice little things of beauty, like a solitary rock in the middle of the sea, or a wonderful flower.

New Freiendships

– I learned to cherish every hour.

I will misss this....

– I learned the importance of being myself.

Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia.

– I learned the importance of curiosity. It’s what makes us wanting to know more.

– I learned that keeping things simple is often the best way.

It is all about location

-I Learned my family and friends are my most important assets

Old friendships were strenghten

– I learned we are depending on to much on computers, Facebook, and the internet!

Human interactions are still the most rewarding ones! I will always trade 5.000 likes for one real human hug!

Extra mile from crew is everything


– I learned I will not remember the size of our cabins – but the captain will stay in my memory forever!

The Crew made our trip

– I learned I do not have to go to Maldives to experience paradise!


And I also know why the are sometimes returning to same destination and gulet for more than 15 years!!!

I know we will be back next year!!

Here is how our entire holidays looked like day by day….


One the first day all our expectations were completely exceeded! 


On the second day of Blue Cruise, we were in the mood to party. 


On the third day, we were happy to give gulets a chance. 


On the forth day we checked some of the most amazing places in Croatia. 


Fifth and Sixth day was …… just special! 


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