Cabin of a gulet

What is Cabin Charter Croatia? What kind of options you have?

Cabin charter Croatia in combination with gulets is becoming more and more popular. But you have to know gulets are not Croatian product by default.

Gulets come from Turkey and they have very special concept…while Croatia also has their own vessels “MOTOR SAILORS” which are built and made in Croatia – and they are actually THE MOST POPULAR vessels for cabin charter Croatia gulet cruises.

But there is a huge difference in both concepts. I have tried out both of them and in this post, I will explain how they differ from each other.


Rent a cabin



a) they are bigger in size ranging from 20 and up to 45 meters in length

b) they have more cabins: from 10 and up to 20 cabins or more

c) they come in 3 different categories. B category is older vessels, which have for example 10 cabins and 2 toilets and showers for entire vessel. A category ships are already bigger and newer, every cabin has its own shower and toilet and most of them are also air conditioned. And then you also have A+ category, which is newest type vessels, more or less made from steel (not from wood) and quite spacious and comfortable.

d) prices in high season range from 500 €/person/week and up to max 1.000 €/person/week including food. Even the most luxury vessels do not surpass this luxury range.

e) all these ships normally have 2 or 3 stories. Saloons are huge and meals are served most of the times inside in this saloons.

f) On this ships, nights are never spent on anchor but always in ports.

g) deck space is also a bit limited. You can spend time on sunroof in the sun or near saloon in the shade. As there are around 30 or more people on board it can be a bit crowded sometimes. 


Gulet Boat cabin



a) in Croatia gulets have a size from 20 and up to 30 meters max.

b) they have from 5 and up to 7 or 8 cabins max.

c) as there are fewer people on board, prices are higher. So Standard gulets have prices from 700 – 1.000 €/person/week, while luxury gulets can have prices up to 1.400 €/person/week including food.

d) In gulets you eat “al fresco” (outside on deck) most of the time

e) Gulets have lots of deck space, they spend also nights on the anchor and are more comfortable to cruise on. Cabins can be smaller than on motor sailors.


If you are looking for more of an easy going experience, with fewer crowds, with more nature and more relaxed cruise, then I would suggest you gulets. If you are looking for more of a town explorations, you do not mind a bit mass tourism and you wish to have a bit more comfortable cabins, I would suggest you motor sailors.


I had great fun on both concepts, to be honest. But gulet cabin charter cruise was more fun for kids (more swimming and jumping in the sea) and less tight schedule. Also, you connect more with other people around you and also from my experience on gulets food is better.


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