Blue Voyages in Turkey are becoming a very popular way of exploring the beautiful turquoise Turkish coast. You get to see most of the places and live through the best holiday experiences in only a week! Discover all the best Blue voyage destinations, prices and top gulets available for private charter.

Blue Voyage Destinations in Turkey


Once a small fishing village, today it is one of the most popular Blue Cruise destinations! The Bodrum Peninsula is located very nicely with the nearest airport being Milas Airport. Furthermore, Bodrum is Turkey’s top resort destination connected with the Aegean and bordering the Mediterranean, with more than a dozen towns and villages along its shores. Here you will enjoy a nice mix of commercial, cultural and the unique. It offers many diverse activities for all age groups plus it is definitely one of the best starting points for gulet cruise. You can go on a walk around the town that has many unspoiled areas rich in natural beauty. However a must visit is Bodrum Castle built in the 15th century, overlooking the harbor. All in all, you will love the friendly and Bohemian atmosphere of the town.



Fethiye is located in a very picturesque bay at the foot of the mountains, sheltered by green pine and cedar forests. This extremely beautiful and peaceful resort has quite developed tourist infrastructure and over the years it became one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean. When you visit this place you must explore breathtaking monumental Lycian Rock Tombs that are placed right alongside the harbor where your boat can anchor in Fethiye harbor. You can spend your afternoon on sandy beaches, or visit islands and bays where you can seek privacy. Sea temperature does not fall below 19°C throughout the year which is why this is your ideal spot for diving or snorkeling. If you want to experience pure adrenalin you can go paragliding, extreme whitewater rafting, or if you seek adventure take a jeep safari on the mountain roads. There is truly something for everybody. Fethiye streets are full of shops, bars, and restaurants that offer a pleasant shopping experience for those who want to take it easy. History enthusiast has to visit  Roman amphitheater located near the harbor of Fethiye with the ruins of the fortress of the Rhodes Knights.


Marmaris town is located in the southwest of Turkey in Muğla province. This town is special because of fact that it has one of the largest natural harbors in the world and it is overall very attractive holiday spot for tourists from all over the world. What makes it even better that Marmaris has regular connected flights with Dalaman / Muğla International Airport only 100km away. The bay itself is surrounded by pristine nature and lush forest near the crystal clear sea that glistens under the hot sun. There are of course a number of coves with attractive seascapes worth of exploring too. We recommend you to get familiar with Marmaris historical sites that according to historian Herodotus, there has been a castle since 3000 BC, which has been converted into a museum now. For those who want to be in the heart of the city in the lively atmosphere, you should head to little plaza close to the Ferry Dock leading into the old town full of colorful shops, cafes, restaurants and hundreds of luxury yachts in the summer months.



You might even see this place before without even realizing because ÖlüDeniz is known as the most photographed beach in Europe. This picture perfect place is not only dream come true for photographers but also for sports enthusiasts, adrenalin seekers. Or people who just want to enjoy on the beach under the sun. Here you will have the option of paragliding, you will take off from Babadağ Mountain, 2000 m and fly over Ölü Deniz beach and Blue Lagoon and get to admire one of the best views in the world. However, we suggest looking into pre-booking this activity. If you do not feel so adventurous and you want to take some more easy going route, we suggest going on a hike to admire views or stay on the beach and have fun with some watersports or simply take a swim and relax. Good times are guaranteed no matter what action you choose.


Göcek port might be very tiny town but a worldwide famous yachts come to anchor here. Göcek is surrounded by stunning scenery and pristine nature. You will be able to enjoy in beautiful islands scenery and sheltered bays where you can have fun with water toys. During the day you can head to the city center and walk down the long street called Turgut Ozal Street that offers many shops, restaurants, bars all playing good international and local music. Downtown has a very short walk to parallel shopping street to the seaside. You can also find handmade silver jewelry, local ceramics, crochet works, Old and new Turkish Kilims, Antique items, trend fashion high-quality replica Handbags.  This town truly has a special charm to it and if nothing else won you over, amazing food that this tiny town offers, definitely will!