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Blue Cruising Escape – Day 5 and 6 description!

Read why riding a donkey is a fun way of exploring the culture and how forgetting the pressure of time improves your overall health.



This Blue Cruising escape description post is one of 5 VIRTUAL CRUISE blog posts with a detailed description of this unique way of traveling. 


One the first day all our expectations were completely exceeded! 


On the second day of Blue Cruise we were in the mood to party. 


On the third day we were happy to give gulets a chance. 


On the fourth day we checked some of the most amazing places in Croatia. 


Was our Croatia cruise already coming to an end?


DAY 5 and 6

We woke up in good spirits and soon ended up in the water, because the sea was so inviting and so close it was almost reachable by hand. However jumping or diving into the water is so much more exciting than going the usual, rather boring way. After all, we’re still young and in the past few days, some of us rediscovered the childlike fun, only possible when with friends.


The sea in Dalmatia is warm, but still chilly enough to bring immediate refreshment of your body and soul during blue cruise. And most importantly, it is clean. We were surprised by the clean look of the water until the captain of our gulet explained to us that the sea currents prevent the dirt from coming and that there isn’t enough industry in the region to pollute Dalmatian part of Adriatic. Sea winds also do their part of work by mixing the water up and down and keep it fresh and not too warm.


Island Vis – Next Destination


The crew and we decided to continue exploring island Vis before we continued the morning by eating the breakfast, which was, of course, tasty as ever.

Vis is arguably the best place to explore because its relatively small size makes it perfect to reach everything quickly and it is absolutely packed with hidden treasures … And it has so many wonders to explore!

From sea made treasures that were carved during millions of years and are a part of natural history to absolutely amazing beaches and breathtaking bays …

The gulet headed towards the island of Biševo, less than 5 nautical miles from Vis. The captain said it was probably the best place to see what kind of wonders nature is able to create. We didn’t know what to expect, but the last days convinced us to have complete trust in the captain’s choice.

Why? Because he is a local, has lived in Dalmatia for most of his life, knows best of what to see, and he has the skills to get us there.

After all, the whole crew (at least in our case) had many years of experience.

Blue cruise escape


Best Beach, Best Cave, Best Experience!

The view, when we got near our ‘surprise’ destination for the noon, was astounding! The crew took us to see the Blue Grotto. This natural creation was carved by the sea and its waves, and the time it took to become a work of natural art is measured in tens of thousands of years.

We took a swim to get into the cave and we were amazed by the colors that were shining through the water. They were almost fluorescent blue and one must visit it in person to comprehend the whole scope of the experience. The swim we had there was and will definitely stay the most interesting swimming experience any of us ever had.

We asked the captain if he could show us some more interesting parts of Vis. He said the best places to see are usually not known to the general public and therefore offer privacy and a sense of exclusivity. Having a gulet to move around freely and a captain devoted to giving his guests only the best, we, therefore, embarked on a short cruise to explore these hidden places no other tourist knows about.


I will never again go to a hotel! 

Yes, we felt privileged and a bit sorry for other visitors on the island who, we felt, were trapped in their hotels and other tourist sites. We had such luck by traveling by boat. This way we had easy access to somewhat secluded areas and all the comfort of stopping at the best position. All it took to reach our dream beach was to swim a short distance or use a dinghy to take you there. Not much effort for such a big prize. Privacy is something that cannot be measured in cash. If one wants to get away from the crowded beaches, escape the masses there, the noise that goes with it, distractions that distort your experience … Then use our simple solution.


After visiting several more beaches we decided to focus on the next day. We found a beautiful bay surrounded by pine trees and spent the night there. The sleep you get when on a calm sea and in the middle of nowhere is something to remember. It is definitely more refreshing and the relaxation caused by the overall change of mind-set is sure to put you asleep faster and easier. This is something that cannot be achieved when under constant pressure in a big city like Hamburg.

When we had our usual late evening talk before we left for our cabins, we all noticed the change in our sleep. It was great to have a good night sleep for a change, we unanimously agreed. And so we let ourselves to take over by yet another night, eagerly awaiting the next day to come and bring about new adventures …


Next Stop – Korčula Island

It was day 6 of our cruise! The perception of time is really altered when escaping the time pressure people get used to. It felt so liberating to get rid of that awful feeling of living under a nasty dictatorship, things like timetables and other methods of controlling our everyday life, create. On the other hand, the past six days seemed to go past us so fast … If only there was a method to slow down the passing of time for good things in life! Like our cruise.

We still had Korčula to go to and we were excited to finally get to see it. Over the course of our journey, we got to hear some amazing things about this island. It is distinct for its really rich history. Over the course of the centuries, it got populated by many different tribes, was the desired target for many empires because of its strategic value and is presumed to have given birth to arguably the greatest explorer of all times – Marco Polo. A place of such diverse history must be filled with monuments to celebrate great events that happened there, it has to have a very rich cultural heritage to remind us of the importance this magnificent island once had. And it has – in abundance.


Our first stop for the day was Vela Luka. Even though it was established as late as in 19. century it gained great strategic importance and has many important residues of it once-famous past.

From the forts built by the Austro-Hungarian army to one of the most important neolithic sites in the world.

The area surrounding this town offers many panoramic spots from which you are able to see the whole picture. Vela Luka was a great place to stop and enjoy our lunch.


Also Land Trips possible – We had a great time exploring this island! What about a donkey ride?

When we asked the crew what is the best way to explore the inland of this interesting island, the captain came up with an original, maybe even funny, idea. His proposal seemed so interesting we had to accept it. If you want to catch the soul of this island you have to do it in an authentic way.

Have you ever had a chance to ride a donkey? It was an experience of its own kind. Donkeys are an important part of the Dalmatian culture. They played a big role in the economy and became the staple of this island, an integral part of its culture. Dalmatia without a donkey is like Australia without kangaroos. And it was fun too!

Just driving in a taxi through Korčula’s mainland, without stopping, is interesting enough. And the narrow and winding roads that run through the island gives a unique experience. Korčula is a bit more populated than other islands, yet it does not destroy its overall beauty you’re exposed to when getting out of the main tourist areas.

Sailing into Korcula

Of course, we ended our day trip with a cherry on top – the town of Korčula. Town of Korčula used to work as an important commercial and trading center of Adriatic.

During the middle ages, many families got rich, and over many years magnificent palaces were built to show off the town’s wealth and its commercial power. It is a special feeling when walking the streets of this once-proud town.


Korčula is the home town of Marco Polo!

One can almost feel its history. Visiting the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo seemed a perfect ending to our day trip.

We were really getting tired by now and returning on a gulet seemed a reasonable choice. All the influx of information we were exposed to during this day was enough to make us think. 

What will happen when the cruise ends? It was only at the end of day 6 that we were starting to realize this journey is nearing its end … This realization left a strange feeling when we went to sleep.

It is all about blue cruise escape

Still, the journey was far from over … Best things often happen right at the end, don’t they? 

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