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Blue Cruise Moment – Day One. For bon vivants only….

Read how an exceptional blue cruise moment can bring the best in us and how a holiday journey can become a journey to self-discovery.

What will happen at the end of your cruise?

– The families will reunite!


– The loved ones will find their love again.

blue cruise moment

– The friends will connect and become even closer…

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But MOST OF ALL… will have an amazing story to tell!

Read my amazing Croatia Blue Cruise Story!

DAY 1:
Being tired of old concepts of what a good holiday looks like, we, a close-knit group of friends, decided to try something new. We love the sun and water, yet we don’t want to spend every day at the same hotel beach. Predictability, with all its comfort, can become a burden for people who want more excitement. One day, Mike, the soul of the group, came up with an idea that made our hearts tick. What if we rented a whole boat? After all, we don’t have to do anything else but relax, enjoy the experience of a lifetime and let a crew of experienced seamen on board do the rest. 
It was raining, the atmosphere was gray and it was rather cold for mid-July when we left Hamburg for our destination – the rocky coast of Croatia. Dalmatia, the southern part of the country is arguably the most beautiful part of the Mediterranean sea, some people even say it is the Crown jewel of Europe. How come we didn’t discover it earlier? We probably got distracted by offers tailored to suit average people. We are more than that. 
No words can describe how we felt when the sun touched our skin when we left the airport in Split. There was a whole week to have fun with the sun. We were greeted by the company representative and an owner of the gulet, who was also a captain. 

How we embarked the gulet!

(check out the smiles on the crew)
Welcome Crew 
They took us to the gulet we rented through the agency. It was fabulous! We couldn’t believe how spacious the cabins are, the hospitality, fluent English the crew was speaking. It was way beyond our expectations, to be frank. We didn’t expect it to be THAT perfect. 
The welcome drinks were waiting for us. Along with some Dalmatian wines (excellent taste!), we were able to choose from a large variety of local spirits and beers. Most of us opted for ‘Travarica’, a specialty in this part of the country. Needless to say, prosciutto and bread along with a selection of best cheeses were also offered.
(this set our mood perfectly…we were ready for our adventure)
chanpagne on gulet
The formalities were done quickly and our adventure with a capital A was ready to set in motion … Taking off from the harbor put us in a special mood and feelings of great expectation were up and running through our veins. 
(au revoir crowds… revoir masses….au revouir traffic)
Leaving Civilization behind
(Hello to nature…hello to the islands….)
Islands here we come

Stopping in nice bay for a swim

We stopped at a bay. We were the only ones there and it really felt like we had our own private beach.
Swimming in the sea never felt better. Some of us went snorkeling, others were enjoying the sun. The water was exceptionally clean and crystal clear, not something you would get should you book into a hotel.
We felt the sun was our salvation from everyday life. Good vibrations we were caught in made us feel alive, not something you’d get to realize in your 9 to 5 office environment. A sense of complete relaxation is not easy to explain …
(check out the turquoise sea…..I have never seen anything like that before…and it was all ours)
Kornati park
We were served a dinner whose (tastes) were rounded up in a perfect blend of local foods and freshly caught fish. The coastline scenery added a special touch to this culinary experience. Great things happen when (happiness) gets fused with (good company).
(food does taste better when you have a view like this – especially if the food is as amazing as it was on our trip)
Enjoying Sunset in a bay  Food

The crew was amazing – The wine was flowing!

The captain asked us if we were happy with the service he and the crew were providing. Not a single complaint, only gratitude for giving us the best holiday ever – not something one would say even before the first day was over. And the night had more in store for us …  
The gulet had a spacious back end with enough room for all nine of us to sit (or lay back) comfortably. The wine and the atmosphere of friendship created elementary requirements for a great end to an interesting day. The journey made us a bit sleepy. I think the smell of the sea and pine trees around the beach also played a part in that.
Who would have thought things evolved on a whole new level when the night left the scene and day 2 was ascending …
Day 2 of the story….you can check it out on this link: Blue Cruise – day 2!

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