Afternoon on gulet

How an Afternoon on a Blue Cruise Croatia looks like?

Check out Blue Cruise Croatia Video and see what you can do when a gulet is moored in a bay.


The best part about gulet cruise holidays is that you are free to do whatever you wish.

Here are a couple of ideas what else you can do:

a) Water sports like water skiing, jet ski, diving, surfing, canoeing…

b) Swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the sea,

c)  Having a fresh lemonade, drinking 10 beers or gossiping,

d) Eating, snacking, helping in the kitchen,

e) Reading your favorite book,

f) Take a land trip,

g) Go hiking in the woods,

h) Playing cards or monopoly,

i) Watching TV,

j) Go shopping out of the gulet,

k) Go search romantic deserted spots and beaches,

l) Sleep,

m) Working out,

n) Dealing & playing with children,

o) Sunbathing,

p) anything else that comes to your mind and is legal 🙂

Gulet Charter


You are not glued to your group. If some people wish to go see churches or some historical sites – they can go.

While you stay on a gulet and sip on a glass of vine.

Your wife likes shopping – while you like hunting.

While she buys herself a nice new gold chain at a local trader – you can be hunting a wild boar 🙂

How will your afternoon on a gulet look like?

Mitja Mirtič

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