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How the crew on a Blue Cruise can make or break your vacations!

When it comes to the importance of the crew on gulet private charter holidays and what they can do for you in a good way or a bad way 1 picture says it all. Here it is!


What on earth a cup of coffee has to do with the crew on a Blue Cruise holidays? Not much. 

And there is even more to this picture. 


Even more confusing? I will explain!

This picture was taken during one of our trips to Turkey – Bodrum.

Every time we go there, we stay in the same hotel. 

Here are 3 reasons why:

a) it is very very close to main city harbor! (3 minutes walk),

b) it is clean and nice,

c) it has a good price.

This is all great for us because we always travel to Bodrum for business. But if I were to book a hotel for holidays I would NEVER BOOK THIS HOTEL!


The reason is very simple. The staff there speaks terrible English!

And if you have any additional requests rather to what they are doing – YOU ARE SCREWED!

Let’s go back to our “CUP OF COFFEE”!


It was 09.00 am and we woke up to have breakfast.

The breakfast was served to us and the nice waitress came to us and asked us a question:

“Tea or Coffee?

As we like them both (there was 3 of us) we all said we would like both! Tea and Coffee!

The answer was: AAAAA – duhhhhh?!

We repeated again:

Tea and Coffee, please. We will all have both!

Another reply:AAAAA – duhhhhh?!

We said again very very slowly (and showed with our hands)




We received a strange look and a short nod, along with OK.

So English Lesson 101 like on this movie:


We started to joke a little bit and wondering if there is only tea or only coffee possible and that they maybe charge extra if you order both.

And we were only more sure of it when only COFFEE arrived. 

We were tired of this communication so we just accepted we will only have coffee this morning.

Then we had breakfast and one of us had a sip of coffee.

While he made it he got a strange look on his face and just said:

“Holly sh…..t – THERE IS TEA IN THIS COFFEE!?!?!?!?!”

I started to laugh really loud as I could not believe it.  I had a coffee here also yesterday and it tasted pretty bad but there was no tea inside 100%!

When I tried it out also and almost died laughing!!!!


Okay, this was funny! 

But now imagine you book a Blue Cruise holidays and this kind of things happen to you.

You pay a lot of money, you bring your wife and kids and you also convince your best friends to come with you also.

The holidays look so good that another family decides to cruise with you (and they book a second gulet to follow you).

You both pay the same amount of money and book gulets that are 100% same quality, same size, similar cabins – everything the same.

There is only 1 small difference!

The first gulet has AMAZING CREW ON BOARD!

Blue Cruise Crew

The second gulet has AVERAGE CREW ON BOARD that does not know how to speak any English!

On the second day of the cruise the crew wishes to have “Turkish night experience on board” with genuine local food, music, action…something to remember the cruise by forever. They decide to make arrangements with captain separately they pay the same amount of money and wait what will happen.

THE ORGANIZATION ITSELF was very much different.

While on the first gulet the  group explained what they want and in 2 minutes of doing this the captain interrupted them and told them he knows exactly what they wish. He said not to worry about it and that he will arrange everything.

The second group had to WRITE, SHOW, EXPLAIN, SHOUT and DRAW everything to the captain and after a couple of hours of (ME TARZAN – YOU JANE ROUTINE), they finally were able to explain it all. At least this is what they thought.

In the evening, here is what happened:


– 5 course genuine Turkish food dinner that lasted for almost 5 hours!

– during course 3 and 4 the belly dancer arrived on a gulet and put on a great show – and even teaches the woman in the group some cool tricks! 

– captain organized also LIVE MUSIC (2 people that played amazing music all night and made a party nobody will ever forget)

– entire crew got dressed in local clothes and made it all even more genuine

– the party lasted almost till the morning after lots of raki, donner kebabs, dancing and singing!


Party on a gulet


The captain understood they wish to have huge party and he took them in front of genuine Turkish Disco with a gulet and told them they will have:

a) great food – lots of restaurants in port

b) lots of dancing (they wanted this)

c) lots of drinking (they also wanted this)

d) LIVE MUSIC (very famous DJ was there that evening)

e) an experience they will never forget!

So they got everything they asked for and experience they will never forget for sure! But not in a good way for sure!

Like we will never forget also! TEA AND COFFEE!!

The crew on a Blue Cruise will make your holidays! Keep that in mind before you book your holidays.

Most of the people are concentrated on the size of cabins, discounts, the size of ships…..but this is maybe 20% of the cruise. Other 80% is crew!

When you will book your gulet always remember TEA AND COFFEE STORY – it will make your holidays superb!

If you agree that the crew on a gulet is so important please add your comment below to this post. It will be very much appreciated. 

Mitja Mirtič

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