How owners Nives and Jure made this gulet a complete success

Gulet Nautilus backstory, how it all started and 8 unique reasons why you should book this gulet

Gulets are not just about all the technical details, size, and equipment they have on board there are real people behind each vessel, and the stories of how owning and running a gulet first happened are pretty amazing. The story of gulet Nautilus is one of these stories – we hope you find it intriguing!

In this post, you will learn everything about gulet Nautilus through our own experience. How the gulet now successfully sails along the Croatian sea, the vision of its owners and all the challenges that have occurred in recent seasons and how these have completely changed the look of the ship. We also need to highlight the special relationship between the owner and Goolets agency right from our first inspection of the gulet in 2015, how we spent a week on this gulet for the holidays, after being invited by the owner and all the fun we had, during the three-day team-building activities.


History of the gulet. How it all started

Gulet Nautilus was built in Fethiye, Turkey in 1998 under a different name. Until 2005, it had sailed in Turkish waters when the new owners brought it to Croatia. For 8 years, the gulet was used for low-budget cabin charter cruises and party groups but maintenance of the gulet could have been better.

Right when seemed the gulet was almost lost, in 2013, Jure and his wife Nives realized the opportunity they had and they decided to go all in. They bought the gulet and renamed it to ”Nautilus” (Nives came up with the name!).

After they bought Nautilus – the rest was history…or was it?

For 2 years, Nives, Jure, and their entire family put blood, sweat, and tears into the renovations of Nautilus (not to mention a lot of money) and the gulet was transformed from a standard vessel with a lots of problems into a beautiful swan and becoming one of the prettiest gulets in Croatia.

The yacht was reborn in full glory! However, Nives and Jure were now widely known in this market, and even harder work had just begun. Gathering their years of experience and processing frequent bookings, they quickly proved to everyone in the gulet charter business, that they knew what they are doing! One of the first people to visit Nautilus in 2015, were owners of agency the Goolets (Mitja and Alenka) who were immediately surprised by the quality of the vessel, the hospitality of the owners and the vision they had for Nautilus.


2015 – The first real charter season

We published the gulet’s features on the Goolets website, wrote a Nautilus Review post and we set an inviting a promotional price, which helped to attract more customers. It was one of the best value for money gulets in 2015! We had more than 10 groups who booked this gulet and the reviews we received were some of the best we’ve ever had.


Season 2016 – Breakthrough

The second year of the gulet saw truer prices, the discount was over, to reflect Jure’s and Nives’s proved success in providing VIP services and from receiving remarkable reviews, bookings were made easily. After another 10+ groups just from the Goolets agency and after another spectacular season the Nautilus lives on in great success and, the rest is history.

Nautilus is now one of the best-booked vessels, offering superb services and providing an amazing holiday experience.

8 reasons why to book gulet Nautilus


1. Large Jacuzzi

Installed from 2017 you can find a large Jacuzzi on the upper – front deck. Relax in luxury while watching the sunset and gathering your energy for a new sunny day. A Jacuzzi is perfect for romantic evenings, for the kids, or just to relax and have fun. If the Jacuzzi is too busy (it’s popular feature!), you can easily choose between the many water toys available on board – kayaks, paddle boards, water skiing equipment – the list is endless.

We came up with some great ideas with Jure and Nives include having a Jacuzzi on the itinerary. It is one thing to fill a pool up with water it’s something else completely, to prepare a romantic evening as, you go on a wine tasting tour, only to come back to see a quiet, isolated gulet enshrined with candles and a nice bottle of wine waiting for you. It takes some planning, this type of events, but it really is Goolets speciality.


2. Special all inclusive package - A.P.A. system also possible

Goolets all inclusive package

Gulet Nautilus is one of the few gulets in Croatia that offers our GOOLETS ”All Inclusive” package which includes continental breakfast, lunch and two dinners per week. A variety of tasty snacks and drinks are also available throughout the day.

The All -Inclusive package offers 6 hours a week of water sports activities and port taxes are included in the price. This package has so much to offer that all you need to think about is the day ahead of you, and it’s a package exclusive to Goolets.

APA – Advanced Provisioning Allowance

You can select A.P.A. – (Advance Provisioning Allowance) as an option, which is generally used on deluxe yachts. Nautilus is actually one of few gulets, also offering you this option. While Nautilus has a standard feature list for the price – with food, drinks, and port taxes all included, APA is little different.

APA works like this: You simplay pay 30% on top of the charter price, and then all the extras you have that are not included (such as expensive champagne and seafood) are all covered up to that price. So for example if you pay an additional € 4000 on top of your overall price, you can eat, drink, and take part in various activities and you don’t have to worry about a thing! If you go over the amount, you simply pay the difference, and if you don’t use the amount – say you only spend € 1000, then you get the difference back (in this case, € 3000)!).

This option takes all the stress away, you don’t want to set off on a holiday of a lifetime worrying how much this drink or that meal will cost you at the end.

This concept is clear and flexible, which clients really love, all it takes is some good planning in advance. And here is where our ”organization – finalization” team comes in. They will help you to prepare and organize everything in advance before you board the gulet, so you can simply kick back and enjoy your holiday.

NAUTILUS Water toys

3. Water toys available

Anchored in the bay and waiting for lunch to be served is the perfect time for you to try out one of the water activities that Nautilus offer. Crew members are always available to help you get set up with the water toy, especially if you’ve never used it before.

On Nautilus, you can choose between two paddle boards and two kayaks. If this is not enough for your adrenaline addiction you can compete with your friends  on water-skis or you can sit on one of the hot dog rides, trying to not fall off!

If you want to explore the sea bottom there are six sets of masks, snorkels, and flippers to choose from or throw a fishing hook in the water and prove your fishing skills to everyone on board.


4. Jure & Nives and their vision

Jure and Nives have one thing in common they are both perfectionists and they really go all in to get Nautilus in perfect shape.  But there’s more to their vision than just having a perfectly maintained vessel.

When we asked Jure, what his biggest challenge as a captain and owner is: “My biggest wish is to put together a crew, that will work like a well-oiled machine, where the main goal is not just to drive, cook, clean and serve the clients…but where we will all work together as a perfect host, which makes that extra step to make the client happy. To organize things for them, before they request them. This is very hard. But I will do everything I can, to reach this level.”

This is good enough for! And it is wonderfully great for people, who experience life on board gulet Nautilus.

NAUTILUS Double cabin

5. How gulet Nautilus is different from other gulets in Croatia

  • Nautilus is currently one of the largest and most spacious gulets you can find in Croatia.
  • It is one of only three eight double bedded cabins and its huge deck is perfect for large groups or a couple of families cruising together. You will be delighted with the service of the four crew members, who are always more than happy to help you.
  • We shouldn’t neglect the chef’s culinary skills with a cooking stove, which certainly won’t leave you hungry! You will want to ask him for a recipe for his specialties, because once you’ve tried the food you won’t want to taste anything else!
  • We already mentioned a jacuzzi, which is an option on only a handful of gulets in Croatia – and Nautilus is one of them!
NAUTILUS Front view

6. Nautilus individual itineraries

During our 2017 “Goolets Team Building Cruise”  on Nautilus, we brainstormed a couple of really interesting itineraries, that only Nautilus currently offers. It took us a full three days to tailor them and get them just right, butyou’ll find the results were perfect. All you need to do is ask a Goolets sales expert for more information and they will happily explain the details of each route so it’s easier for you to decide which one suits you the most.


7. Cuisine

For the season 2019 Nautilus will be having a new chef on board. He will be in charge of raising cuisine to a higher level in the presentation and the tastes themselves, serving cuisine primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally and associated with a geographic region.


8. Refreshments & beautiful decor

Jure is preparing a couple of novelties and changes for the upcoming 2019 season.

  • On the Aft deck, there will be a new large cushioned leisure area with more space for people to relax.
  • The salon will be completely refitted to provide greater comfort.
  • New sun mattresses will be on the sun deck, making sunbathing even more pleasant.
  • The “steering wheel” for cruising was moved from the back side of the gulet to the front side of the deck, offering the guest more privacy.

Ask our sales team for the latest photos of the refreshed gulet!

Goolets moments 

Goolets – Nautilus Working Together: Our first inspection was completed in 2015

When we did our first inspection on the 31 meters Nautilus in Split, Jure and Nives had been the owners for the past two years. They had a clear vision about what they wanted the Nautilus to be and how to rival their competition. Their project, relationship, and flexibility, to consider new suggestions, as well as the unique way they work allowed us to build a successful partnership that has lasted for the third year in a row.

During this time, we gave a lot of our effort to helping Nautilus become a success, and we have filled over 70 percent of all Nautilus capacity in the past three seasons. We are looking forward to many enthusiastic customers and continued success!

Goolets collective holidays in 2016

The summer of 2016 was marked by the Goolets team vacation. We booked the entire gulet for our team and enjoyed a completely refitted gulet in high season. We are the largest fans of gulet charter holidays and we are not shy to say we all spend holidays in the summertime on gulets. Holidaying on board Nautilus was a really superb experience.

Goolets three-day team-building

Every year we organize team building where we sum up the season, make plans for a new one and organize further work to keep everything in line with our goals. After the end of the successful season of 2017, Captain Jure invited us to his gulet and we gladly accepted his invitation. Team building took place in the middle of September 2017 and we had a fanstastic time on the island Brač in Croatia. After the weekend, we returned to the office even stronger, with clearer goals and an even better relationship with Jure.

Nautilus – Comparison with other gulets, it really is one of a kind in Croatia

Currently, in Croatia, Nautilus lives in the very top of luxury gulets available and easily satisfies any requests from the demanding customer.

We should also note that this is the only gulet with eight cabins and also features a Jacuzzi on deck. Cabins are double bedded and can be used for either one or two people, which means the gulet can be perfect for a small group of just eight people – after all, who wouldn’t want an entire cabin for themselves?

If you decide to book Nautilus for yourself, your toughest decision each day will be whether to swim in one of the isolated bays or wander around one of the beautiful parts of Croatia.

Gulet Nautilus together with our “concierge team” will help prepare the crew for your arrival and advise you on everything you need to know (food, drinks, transfers, allergies, special occasions, etc…) a winning combination for your holiday.

It’s not where you go, it’s what you experience.

NAUTILUS Back view

For more information on gulet Nautilus, and to discover if this gulet is a perfect fit for your holidays, contact our sales experts who will be more than happy to advise.

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