Gulet cruising in Croatia

Best Croatia Cruise Route For Active Seniors who like hiking, swiming, sightseeing & nature

3 most important facts about this itinerary to keep in mind:

1) It is a one-way cruise (Dubrovnik – Split/Trogir) for a reason. With this concept, you get to see the most – with less traveling. 

2) It is a great combination of towns to check, nature parks to visit and bays to swim around.


3) This itinerary is incredibly likable by groups of active seniors with no kids around. The main reason is this route offers a huge amount of extra activities and provides the perfect combination of hiking, swimming, sightseeing, and nature. 

Before you check out the route below  I would also like to invite you to check out brochure “GULET CRUISE GUIDE”. It will help you determine what is important on a gulet cruise – for you!


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1) ONE WAY CRUISE DUBROVNIK – TROGIR (also another way around is possible)


Dubrovnik, Croatia


“Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik”  – George Bernard Shaw


The Old City of Dubrovnik is the most beautiful jewel of Croatia’s cultural and historical heritage for which it was included into the UNESCO list of World Heritage  Sites.



Take a guided tour of Dubrovnik. Check out “Old City Walls” and learn all about the history and most stunning places.



When you say goodbye to Dubrovnik, the gulet will sail to Ploče. From there you have 40-minute drive to Međugorje. Since 1981, it has become a popular site of religious pilgrimage due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local Catholics. There you have around 3 hours tour and see all the incredible sights and places that this place has to offer.


2) National Park Mljet –  A walking/hiking tour with a visit of St. Anne Island

Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia.


Mljet is referred to as the most beautiful and greenest island of the Adriatic, one of the most attractive, culturally and historically most interesting pearls of the Mediterranean.


The island host a National Park on its west side with lush pine vegetation and two picturesque lakes connected to the sea, in one of which there is another small island with an old monastery.


Island Mljet is a perfect combination of hiking (amazing forest), swimming (the see is super clean) and sightseeing (monastery and guided tour) 



There is a nice walk through the pine forest where you visit the “lake” of the island Mljet. You can do this on your own. Or you can request a guided tour with a longboat, that will take you to Ann Island. The guide will explain you everything about the history of the island and all the interesting things going on there.

This is how it looks like.


3. Lastovo Island – Nature park and no mass tourism


Lastovo is a place where you just take your mind off, take a walk, have a nice dinner and forget about all your worries.


Great for swimming, walking, and relaxation. 


4. Korčula Town to visit + Badia Walking tour & swim 

Peljesac and Korcula

Korčula is also called little Dubrovnik. It has stunning city walls, Marco Pollo was born there, it has full of history and it is really nice town to check.


EXTRA ACTIVITY 4 – Maroška Evening or Guided tour of Korčula


Near Korčula is a small island (place) called Badija with a great monastery and another epic pine forest where talking a walk fills you up with energy and fresh air for many years to come.


This is how the monastery looks like.


Extra Activity 5 – Feeding animals (free of charge) 🙂


Yes, they are walking around. No, they are not dangerous. Yes – they are super cute. 


5. Island Hvar – Walking tour & swimming & hiking & vine tasting & parties & more


Hvar was rated as one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in the World. The main town on island Hvar (Town Hvar) is a must see destination to visit in the late afternoon & evening.


Here are all the options you have, when you come to Hvar.


a) Swimming. You will anchor on Pakleni Islands (very close to Hvar), where you are away from heavy crowds.


Amazing swimming spots all around you.


b) Hiking. You can take a water taxi or the crew transfers you to land with a dinghy (around 10 minutes drive) and you just check this amazing town on your own. 


c) Exploring. During the day you can visit a Vine Celler Plenkovič. Not only the vine is amazing – also the scenery is out of this World!



c) Guided Tour and a trip to the Fort – Sightseeing 

Old Wooden Boats In Stari Grad


d) Do you like to Party? You can go to Hula – Hula discotheque on Hvar or you can go to Carpe Diem which is also amazing. 


Carpe Diem


6. Golden Cape on Island Brač, Šolta (if you wish to relax) or Split (if you wish to explore)


You did not visit Croatia if you do not check Golden Cape and take a swim there


After that it is flexible. You can take a cruise to Šolta island, which is super easy going.


No crowds. No mass tourism. You can check olive oil factory there or just take a walk around the shore. Not much going on there – and that is exactly why people like it.

Šolta Island



You can go to Split (Unesco town) and check the old town, the city “RIVA” and take a guided tour around Diocletian palace and museums.

Split Riva


7. Town Trogir. Guided tour and goodbye


Trogir is a small seaside town some 27km west of Split, very close to the airport. Since 1997, Trogir’s historical city center has been included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.


8. Flexibility


This itinerary is not 100% set in stone or planned for each and every minute in advance. If you wish to stay on Hvar for 2 days – why not. If you do not like Split – set sails and go to Starigrad on Hvar. If you like swimming stay around Mljet or Lastovo longer.


Goolets Sunset


We did not mention island Vis in this route. If the weather allows it and if you decide during the trip to check out Vis – why not.


One of the best parts of a gulet cruise holiday is – flexibility. And you should always leave an itinerary a bit flexible – and opened to your captain’s suggestions.


9. Matching this itinerary to the best possible gulets


Not a single gulet owner & captain will cruise this route the same way. Some owners prefer to stay most of the evenings on anchor. Some of the owners will always find some small pier and tie the gulet there. Some captain prefers to arrive at ports earlier – some do it later.  Some owners will show you 4 different bays and towns/day – some owners will stay at the same place for the entire day.

(Goolets team on one of the inspections trips)

New Deals


The most important things are to realize what YOU LIKE – and finding the gulet that can make your wishes a reality.


We can help you with this. We know how to plan and we know which owners will make each of the groups super happy.


So let us know about your wishes and keep in mind that small details (as mentioned above) – will make your cruise an incredible experience.


Mitja Mirtič

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