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7 Reasons why Australians love cruise lines. Guest blog post.

Australian guests are a large part of our travelers. From our experience, they love to eat well, have a great time and see lots of different places – but in a way without any pressure and hype.

I know Australians LOVE cruise lines (huge ships that can take from 2.000 and up to 5.000 guests). They are comfortable, spacious, they serve great food etc…

But I wanted to know more.

What specifically Australians LOVE so much, and could some of them also be a good fit for gulet cruises? Could we apply some of this info in the presentation of gulets, for all the people that LOVE THE CRUISES but do not like the mass tourism?

That is why we teamed up with the company, that is very strong in the Australian market for cruises: they wrote the article below.

7 reasons why Australians love cruise lines – Written by Sarah Glover

Oceangoing holidays are becoming ever more popular in Australia, as the cruise market there grows at an average annual rate of 20%.

While young Aussies in Europe have long caught on to the delights of travel by gulet, those back home are enjoying fantastic cruise holidays on all kinds of ships – mammoth cruise liners, river paddle steamers, luxury boutique vessels and more.

Last year, the number of cruisers in Australia hit a milestone one million and it’s showing no signs of slowing down – in fact, the country is the global leader in market penetration for cruises.

We think we know why the land down under is so keen on this way of travel…

1. There’s no worries, mate. A cruise holiday is the ultimate in relaxation and involves no cooking, no dishes, no cleaning, no tangling with public transport. You don’t even need to make your own entertainment, with shows, music, and activities all laid on. Perfect for the work hard, play hard Aussies.


2. All you can eat. This one’s not culture-specific – everyone likes good food, and there’s plenty of it on a cruise ship. The big ships have numerous options, so you can take your pick of anything you would like to eat – combine that with not having to cook it yourself, and you’re onto a holiday winner.


3. Customize your experience. Some people go on a cruise intending to lie in the sun for the majority of each day, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you like to get up and go, there are activities galore onboard, shore tours, gyms, pools and plenty more to keep you occupied. Plus, there’s always the option to sign on for an intrepid expedition cruise!


4. Pick your path. As cruises become more popular, cruise lines are opening up new and interesting destinations. Aussies can jump ship to the many islands of the South Pacific, across the ditch to New Zealand, and even voyage along their own endless coastlines which include the unforgettable Great Barrier Reef. Been there? Why not try an expedition up the Murray River and into the outback on a paddle steamer?

View from the Cruise Deck

5. Don’t break the bank. A cruise is a very cost-effective way to holiday, especially on the big ships like those offered by Australia-based P&O cruises. With all meals, entertainment, accommodation, and transport included in one low price, it’s an affordable option even for families.


6. Only unpack once. This one has been said many times before, and it still rings true. On any kind of cruise, your stateroom moves with you – so you won’t waste any relaxing time stuffing all your luggage in a suitcase before you move on to the next fabulous destination.


7. Enjoy some fresh sea air. Anyone who’s been on a gulet can tell you that there’s something special about a nautical getaway. From the ocean breezes to the unique maritime traditions, it’s a wonderful experience.

What did we learn?

Good food + customized experience + fresh air + not lots of packing + “normal price” = amazing holidays.

If we can present gulets as an interesting alternative, that offers all this + the option to escape the masses and enjoy it in a privacy of around 12 people (instead of 5.000) then it could be interesting. No matter if you wish to join other people on board on cabin charter cruises, or rent entire gulet for yourself.

Mitja Mirtič

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