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Amazing feedback for gulet Dolin that almost made us cry

Here at, we always strive towards providing our guests with the ultimate Gulet charter sailing experience.

But we also realize that coming from us, every presentation of the cruises may strike the potential customer as “sales”.

That’s why we are always so very pleased when we receive some feedback from our guests.

The following testimonial was written by one of our guests Shain Kurelja for gulet Dolin and we believe, it sums up our mission perfectly.

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Hi Nicole and Andrej,

Before the memory of our beautiful Croatian Holiday fades I wanted to get a few notes down for your records.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our week on ‘Dolin’. It was an experience that we will never forget. I guess you get the term ‘experience of a lifetime’ thrown around a lot in your line of work, but I can’t think of anything more appropriate to say here. It was so wonderful.


As a family, Dolin was the perfect boat for us. The word I would best use is comfortable. The word comfortable is often used in place of adequate and yes Dolin is adequate, but she is so much more.

By comfortable here, I mean familiar and relaxing. Like a family holiday home that has been in the family for years.

A place you love to go to. However, she is so much better than a home, because she can move from one beautiful place to the next. Each seemingly more picturesque than the one before.

She is not so luxurious, but she is generous in room and comfort.

With children, this was so much more important than luxury. We did not have to worry about children damaging things or getting underfoot, there was room for everyone and room to spare.

Gulet Dolin

If you wanted some time alone, there would be somehow a spot you could find some peace and quiet. Something usually quite difficult on a boat.

If Dolin is the home, the crews are her heart and soul. The reason we could feel so at home on this boat is that of the welcome we received from the crew. We were greeted in such a friendly, but professional way. Our every wish was granted, nothing was too much trouble. Ivica the captain could not do enough to make sure we were happy. The food was simply outstanding.


Plenty of high-quality Dalmatian food for everyone. The flavor was just amazing. Umberto the chef worked very long days ensuring our meals were perfect. Seafood, Veal, Chicken, Beef, Pasta even the vegetables were mouthwatering. If we left food behind it was only because the quantities served were so generous. Umberto is a master in the kitchen and breakfast, lunches and dinners are not to be missed.


The Dalmatian coast is surely God’s finest work of creation. The people who live on the islands are the luckiest in the world. Ivica masterfully planned our route to impress us a little more with each new destination that we visited. He would gather information from us slowly, getting more of an understanding of what would be our perfect trip. He is so attentive he would be able to tailor a trip to anyone’s tastes. Our priority was relaxing and enjoying the lifestyle and that is exactly what we got to do. The weather was perfect, the water warm, the people are so friendly and the lifestyle is relaxed. I work in a stressful job, like a lot of people, and I have never had a holiday where I have felt so relaxed, so appreciative of life, love, and most importantly family. We as a family loved every minute. The swimming, the sightseeing, the eating, the drinking, the sleeping, the reading, the card-playing, the sun soaking hours spent on the day beds and the sound of both children and adults laughing. Heaven on Earth. I think that sharing this experience has made us closer as a family. We understand that we have what is important in life in each other and the world around us. We just need to slow down and work on ‘Dalmatian time’ to enjoy life and each other.

Andrej, Thank you for recommending ‘Dolin’ to us.

We have told many people of our experience and our Facebook photos have created much fuss and interest from our family and friends. I have said many words of praise to friends and now I this correspondence, but the highest honor we can pay Ivica and ‘Dolin’ is a guarantee to come back. We have started saving already and simply cannot wait to get back to our mobile ‘holiday home’.

Thank you somehow, does not seem enough. You have changed our lives for the better!

Shain Kurelja

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