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Amazing Blue Cruise Experience – Day 3!

Read how a dedicated crew can turn your day into something fantastic and how it feels to be pleasantly tired.

Blue Cruise holidays on gulet Dolin

This article is a part of series how Blue Cruise holidays look like.

On the first day of our amazing Blue Cruise experience we boarded on our floating hotel!

On the second day of Blue Cruise, we gave our friendship a new meaning! 

The third day was another experience that will stay with us forever!


DAY 3: – New Day – New Adventures!

Soon as the sun woke us, we felt a sudden urge to jump into the calm and warm sea. This seemed so different from everything else we usually did on vacations. There were no inhibitions and the time seemed right. The dip was very refreshing. It became even better …

I have to take some time now to explain how important the crew is and the length they go to make our vacation really special.


Before we left, the captain decided to take us to town Bol and its famous beach. Many say it’s the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic sea. It’s usually very crowded.

The shape of the beach shifts with the change in tide, currents, and wind. A reliable wind, together with clear and somewhat cool water make the beach a destination for windsurfers.

At first, we didn’t want to stop because of the masses there, but the captain had a solution in store …

He anchored our gulet near the beach. That way we were able to feel the sand, the crystal clear water of this natural beauty and still retain enough privacy. You would feel like a king too if you had such privilege.


Next Step – Officially one of the TOP 10 most beautiful Islands in the World! 

When our gulet took off to island Hvar, we noticed the care the cook gave to prepare breakfast. He went as far as to prepare some local specialties that are usually not known outside island Brač. No one can really imagine the smile we got after eating this bouquet of interesting taste, beautiful colours, and Mediterranean aromas.

It took several hours to reach island Hvar who is known for its water springs, a fertile coast as well as rich history and versatility it offers to people of all age groups and interests.

The captain was a local who soon left Dalmatia with his family when he was born. He lived in Australia and went to school there, so there’s no need to explain he speaks fluent English. Being in this business for a long time he’s come to know every nook and cranny on this magnificent island and was very happy to show us the best Hvar has to offer. He and the crew decided to take us to Stari Grad …

Stari Grad on Island Hvar was a great solution to see everything while escaping the crowds!


Stari Grad is arguably the most interesting town on the island and one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Its history dates as back as to neolithic.

The town is surrounded by lush vegetation and the green scenery is very pleasant to look at. The fresh smell of lavender was present in the air when gulet was approaching the harbour …

The whole group decided to get off the board and rent a taxi to take us to visit the best spots on the island. However, since we were German and none of us never visited Croatia before, we were a bit confused as to what to see.

Luckily the crew knew where and what to visit in order to get the most authentic impression of this island’s culture. I wonder what we would have missed if the crew weren’t there to help us with advice.

As we traveled across the island the smell of lavender was undeniable. One of Hvar’s major economic activities is the cultivation of lavender which is used in soap and aromatic oil production and there truly are plenty of lavender plantations there.

Hvar is also one of the two most famous wine making areas in Croatia. The vineyards are mostly in the southern part of the island. The landscape can only be described by word amazing …


Every heard of vine Plavac? You have to try it when in Croatia!

Dinner was already served as we returned on board. It seemed as a perfect ending to a beautiful day. Pleasant tiredness was taking over our bodies and the wine we were served with seemed to accentuate this feeling. The wine was called Plavac Mali and it is known for a somewhat high content of alcohol. No one objected when a second bottle was offered …


The evening ended with some card playing, laughing and talking. Stari Grad is known for its diverse nightlife and some of us even managed to go to town and try what it had to offer.

The role a gulet crew is playing in creating great vacations cannot be underestimated. If you get a dedicated crew like we did, they can turn something what you expected is going to be just an ordinary day, into something fantastic.

The day 4 of our blue cruise – Island hoping!

Blue Cruise in Croatia offers unlimited options and lots of hidden places no travel guide will tell you about.

P.S.: Things I learned during our gulet cruise holidays. 

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