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All Blue Cruise Questions answered!

What is the job of a good captain on a gulet and how he deals with clients to make them incredibly happy? I know it…but the captains onboard know it even better.

That is why we will get the biggest experts in the market to answer all your Blue Cruise Questions right here on Goolets.


We have a very extensive FAQ section on our page where we wrote about all sorts of topics when it comes to gulets.

This section is very good but we have decided to take it 1 step further! We will get all these questions answered by the biggest gulet cruise experts in the world. 

And they are:

– the captains working on gulets

– the chefs

– sailors

– best and largest local travel agencies

– gulet owners

– other gulet cruise agencies

– clients that did the cruises before

We will do all this for just one purpose.

To deliver HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT to all the people interested in gulet cruises!

The questions and materials will be updated all the time (we can not really make 200 interviews in 7 days time) but I am really looking forward to getting this work done as I am sure it will give the clients amazing insight into gulet cruise World.

Mitja Mirtič

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